Gallery notice

Ok so here’s what going on with our gallery. I will try and explain for those not technically inclined. Our gallery is on the verge of reaching its limit not on webspace, but inode limit. We are allowed 250,000. We have almost reached that, so to ensure that more pics are uploaded we have two options. 1) Buy a new server package 2) Buy a VPS which is way more expensive or 3) Find some alternate way to keep it going.

Now for the time being, I have moved all our screen captures to Flickr to save on space. But that’s a temporary measure for now and will buy us time. Once we reach the quota again that’s when I will need your help. I will have to make that decision to gather everyone to help pay for the new server. Those who don’t wish to will be deleted, its something I don’t want to do but may have to. Though its not written in stone yet. We do have our current server bill coming in July, anyone that would like to help with that can send me a message or use the donate button on the left side bar via paypal.

If anyone has some alternate options please contact me on this. I would love to hear anything you have to say.

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