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Today we celebrate the 23rd birthday of the man that made a change in our lives. For me. he has given me a gift and maybe he doesn’t realize what he’s given me but with everyone who is a member at SDR. You have all become like a family to me. For the past two weeks we have all worked hard to get everything together for the DR Birthday Project I would like to thank Portal Radcliffe, Glowing Radcliffe, DJR Holland, Radcliffe Brasil and . I think I can say we all came a little bit closer too while doing this project together.

Thank you’s also go out to the following for helping put this project together:

Aty S Behsam, Emily Ann Gillum, Iselin marie Rasmussen, Nadhira Irsalina, Maria Cardaris, Irene Fatima Alquizola, Hilma Eklund. Shaela Niles, Erica Vieira. Amy Duelly, Julie Rusin, Zoe Dorman, Katlin, Anna E. Pressley, Teresa Woodcock, Arezoo, Adair Bartley.

If you have twitter we will be tweeting this in honor of Daniel’s 23rd Birthday:
#wwDanRadBdayproject #HappyBirthdayDanielRadcliffe

Happy 23rd Birthday to you, Daniel. I wish you a very happy life and may you continue to be the outstanding person you are. I wish you love, happiness and success from the members and staff at Simply Daniel

In the last few weeks, 6 websites and 103 fans from 25 countries gathered to wish a Happy Birthday to this one special person who made this possible: Daniel Radcliffe.

This project was developed by some of the best Daniel Radcliffe’s websites around the world: Portal Radcliffe (Brazil), Glowing Radcliffe (Argentina), Simply Daniel Radcliffe (United States), Daniel J Radcliffe Holland (Holland), Radcliffe Brasil (Brazil) and Daniel Radcliffe.DE (Germany) and it was attended by fans from the following countries: Brazil / Argentina / U.S. / Spain / Mexico / Germany / Netherlands / Chile / Colombia / Guatemala / Peru / Hungary / Iran / Switzerland / England / France / Indonesia / Ukraine / India / Norway / Indonesia/ Philippines / Sweden / Scotland / Estonia

9 Responses to “Happy Birthday Dan!”
  1. Teresa says:

    Marcie, thank you oh-so-much for letting me participate! I really feel like we are one huge family. <3 Everyone in the video did an amazing job, and it was so touching! It's also amazing that the Trevor project has seen this. Absolutely spectacular. I'm lost for anything else to say. 😯

  2. Beatriz Moreira says:

    It was a great experience! Thank you Marcie! Thank you all!

  3. Cathycrea71 says:

    God! no french fans??!! If i knew that… next year i will here for the next birthday project!!
    Ii’s a beautiful video! bravo to all fans and websites around the world!! Do you think Dan have seen this?

  4. Mira says:

    Thank you too!!! It was great! 🙂

    And yes, I think too that we all came a little bit closer too while doing this project together 🙂

    It was a funny time 😉

  5. […] eu disse neste post, o Radcliffe Brasil, juntamente ao Portal Radcliffe, Glowing Radcliffe, Simply Daniel Radcliffe, Daniel J Radcliffe Holland e DanielRadcliffe.DE (no total, seis dos maiores fansites dedicados […]

  6. Shruti Hazarika says:

    Happy birthday, Dan. May your life be filled with happiness and success

  7. Hi daniel happ birth day i love you daniel i hope lot of blessings coming to your life we love you daniel you are so great ang beautifull boy

  8. Hilma says:

    Oh my god… This actually made me cry… Everything they said about him bringing us together is so true. This was the perfect way of celebrating the most awesome guy in the world, and I´m so glad that I got the opportunity to participate in this amazing project that turned out so good! Thank you so much, and I really feel that this brought me closer to people who just like me would do anything for our biggest idol ever! <3

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