Unity From Beyond


It was a cold dark night the house was lonely cold and just a bit eerie. Paper was rustling in the dark as a young woman pulled out a picture frame of a man she kept seeing a man that had no name, but a face. Amy touched the frame and placed her hand on the smile she kept seeing. He was beautiful with pale white skin, blue eyes and light brown hair. She hadn’t known who he was but he was kind to her.

Amy hugged the picture frame and took it with her. She had been house sitting for about a month now. At first she thought it was just something she could do until things got strange. The first time she saw him she was crying over a broken heart. Her boyfriend had left her and in that lonely time she felt someone’s arms around her. It hadn’t occurred to her that the house was haunted but even if it were it was nice to feel such comfort from such strong arms.

It was like a dream when she saw him he was there, but then not there. She knew she had seen him before, but from where? Amy didn’t think a thing of it. She passed it off as a daydream of a man she would have liked to have. Not someone cold-hearted. When night came she fell asleep, but in the morning he was laying there in the bed with her. Amy touched his firm chest as he was breathing. When she put pressure on his skin she could see the impressions. “Are you real or is this my imagination?” Amy whispered.

He shifted in his sleep and moaned words she could not understand. It was about 9 am when the alarm rang he looked at her and smiled. “Hi.” Amy smiled back and then leaned closer. He watched as she brought herself closer to him. Dan knew what she had wanted so when she pressed her lips to his he didn’t fight back, but welcomed the warm welcome of that passionate kiss. The warmth of her skin and her touch made him happy. He opened his eyes. “Find me, Amy.”

Amy did not know what that meant. When he started to fade away she looked at him with a sad face. “Don’t go.” “Please don’t go.” She begged.

Dan disappeared without a trace his soul had been in that house where his body was she did not know. Amy got up off the bed then the phone rang. She ran to it and answered. “Hello.”

The soft voice of a woman spoke. “Amy, its Lisa. My brother has woken up and he’s been asking for you. You’ve never met have you?”

“I don’t even know what your brother looks like. Where are you?” Amy scratched her head.

“We’re at Mercy Hospital. Room 201. You need to come.” Lisa looked at her brother as he was being checked over.

“Okay I am on my way.” Amy said then she hung up and ran to get dressed.

Amy smiled at her bed then ran to get her purse. She got her keys, locked up then went to her car. In her mind she had no idea why she was going to see someone she didn’t even know, but yet she was curious to see why he had been asking for her.

She started the car and looked at the house. Wondering what that thing was this morning was it just a dream or was it more; putting it out of her mind she concentrated on going to the hospital. The thing that she most remembered was his skin it was warm, inviting and the smell of him just radiated her senses. He was for her the one.

The long road to the hospital was curving and difficult. She glanced in her mirror and seen that it was rainy. When she pulled up to the hospital parking lot she got chills and pulled her sweater closer. The parking lot was half full but she managed to find a spot. As she got out of the car she looked up at the tall building. Her eyes felt different, but she had no idea why.

The hospital was noisy as usual as she went up to the front desk she asked for a visitors pass. They told her to sign in and she did. “Where’s room 201? Amy signed as she asked.
“Second floor.” The nurse said. Amy nodded and went to the elevator when it opened she got in and pressed the second floor. It was a short ride as it climbed to the second floor. As Amy approached the second floor she saw Lisa.

Amy walked faster to Lisa. “What happened?”

Lisa hugged her. “He’s out of his coma. He’s still out of it, but Amy. Why are your eyes blue? I thought they were green.”

“What they are green?” Amy looked at her wondering what she was talking about. She grabbed into her purse and pulled out a mirror. When she looked she knew right away that these were his eyes.

“Where is he?” Amy asked. Lisa took her to her brother. Dan looked up and smiled. “Amy.” She was drawn to him and in that short moment she was in a trance. It brought her to him and she kissed him. Dan didn’t really know Amy at all. But in his dreams he did he had watched her every day. When the kiss ended she pulled away and her eyes were back to their original color. He smiled. “You found me.” Amy giggled. Lisa looked at them. She knew she would have to ask more later. But her brother was back and what more was he was awake.

Written by Marcie Lucas