Thanksgiving Contest

The Thanksgiving contest was based on what you were thankful for however big or small. Sometimes we are thankful for the people we met or the memories we have. So here are the winners in order.

Kathleen Bennett

I am thankful for my wonderful fat cat who tries to eat out of the food bag when he thinks no one is looking. I am thankful for one of my best friends Nicola who lives over in England, our only way of communication is Skype and to write letters. That is why I have her notebook next to me. I am thankful so much for Harry Potter, the first book came out when I was nine and was the first book I ever read, as I didn’t learn until I was 8. I am also thankful for all the wonderful friends I’ve met because of that series. I am thankful for all the memories I made when I was young, but some are starting to fade away from me now, so I made them opaque. I am thankful for the new memories I’ve made, even if they aren’t all good. And lastly I’m thankful for my life, no matter how crappy, or angry I can get I will always love my siblings and my parents. The people around me I’m so thankful for, they are the main reason I get up everyday.


Amy Duelly

Me and my acting teacher who i am extremely thankful for she has helped me come out of my shell and really helped me work toward my dreams of becoming an inspired actress (inspiration for this acting class is Daniel Radcliffe)

Hollie-Jo Gauntlett

Im thankful for, meeting daniel radcliffe last year. I wanted to meet him for a long time but it wasn’t meeting him that i am thankful for. Okay we only shared a few words, but he was grateful for me flying all the way to America to meet him. His performance in ‘How to succeed in business’ inspired me to do the one thing i love; acting. Now year on i am now in a performance of grease and have an interview for a stage school, my dream is coming true.