Valentine’s Day 2014

I asked everyone to send in stuff for our Valentine’s Day project, we asked for short stories, poems, or words of love. Here displayed are what we received. Thanks to the contributors: Lore Teran, Sarah Nonaka, Kate Isakova, Aleksandra Jaworska, Nicole Burchell, Adair Bartley and Amy Duelly







So, i have never really had many boyfriends, despite the fact i’m 18 years old and you think i would, i was too shy in school to talk to boys. The few relationships i had after school, involved some nasty people and safe to say one of them completely broke me for a long time. It completely destroyed my confidence.

Back in August 2012, my friend at the time introduced me to someone. We hung on that day, but lost contact until that November. In December 2012 we decided to meet up again, i could tell from the start he was completely unlike other boys, he was so caring, generous and kind, on that day he asked me out. It really was the happiest day of my life, we have now been in a long term relationship for over a year and he treats me like a princess 24/7 i really can’t wait to spend another valentines with him. I really can’t imagine being with anyone other than him.



My Valentine’s Day started okay. It began when I was with Dane and Anna. They had brought their 1 year old daughter, Sophie, to Disneyland; I was to go with them. When I got there, Sharon greeted us. “Greetings, Dane.” he said, as Anna shook hands with him. “I’m glad that you guys can come.” I smiled. “So, can I take Sophie now?” I asked. Dane and Anna agreed. “Just make sure she doesn’t get out of control, though.” they said.

Our first stop was at Fantasy Village, where I took her to some of Sharon’s princess friends. Along the way, his best friend, Peter Pan; signed her autograph book. She liked it a lot. Next, Cinderella greeted us. She promised that she’d make a gown for the baby. Sharon laughed, and told her the baby was big enough to wear her own gown.

We went to Adventure Empire next, where I showed the baby; how to ride down the jungle river, on a boat. I guess that she got a bit too seasick. For lunch, we stopped for some kebabs. Sophie liked chicken, so I got some thighs; fresh off the grill.

Frontier Town wasn’t bad, the minute we got there. Jessie gave her a huge hug. I laughed at how she yodeled. New Orleans Square was pretty cool. Tiana was friendly; especially at girls. I took her pictures. Tomorrow Odyssey, our next to last stop, was great. Sophie fell asleep though, when I defended Buzz; from an empire.

At Sharon’s Toon Town house, his dad made us drinks, and fed Sophie with his special cookies. She loved the way that he made hers like a heart. I liked mine, just plain.

We met her parents back at Main Street, in time for the parade, and fireworks. I have to say, this was a great “bare necessities” kind of experience. I hope that I can bring her back.


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