L’Officiel Hommes

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“Even my worst day was on the set always a thousand times happier, as my most beautiful day in the world outside. ”

A quarter of a century old, and enchanted more than half of his young life of success and “Fame”. Model he does not want to be, but also not a dump!

Daniel Radcliffe is guaranteed the most famous 25-year-old on the planet. Around 150 times a day will greet him someone to know, say something to him, as far as his empirical knowledge. He stretches out his hand: “Hi, I’m Dan.” This is followed by something that probably the most foolproof strategy is for a typical British: constantly apologizing preventively for anything. Probably it is to interlocutors have the effect that he, even though Radcliffe is one of the wealthiest inhabitants of Britain and he by the Potter saga from 2001 to a whole generation of 2011, the phenomenon, is after all not become a spoiled starlet. No wonder that he also this afternoon, first apologized for having forgotten the interview date. Nevertheless, he is the second time on site.

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