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We have had loads of stuff coming in from Privacy, Swiss Army Man and Now You See Me 2. Thanks to Amy who is now helping me with the facebook page and doing such a great job with me on our Swiss Army Man Fans Group. It has been a pleasure to bring her aboard. She’s written her first article for Swiss Army Man. We’ve had so much fun together with Swiss Army Man that Manny is now a part of us. The latest updates are the Don’t talk PSA, I did a recent mockup for Iphone 6 for Privacy, Amy did a paper doll DIY of Manny and a fan made poster for Privacy.

Pix11 had a recent interview with Dan on Swiss Army Man and Privacy. Vulture discussed Elections and Erections with Dan.

The Apple Store has a interview tomorrow in Soho for Swiss Army Man. Dan listed his: MY HAPPIEST FREAKING MOMENTS EVER: DANIEL RADCLIFFE EDITION

Loads of videos have been posted via our playlist, along with more articles on our twitter. Dan did a recent photoshoot for Privacy which you can view on Hollandse Hoogte on the 3rd page in. Make sure to check our twitter though cause some articles did have video in them like this one from People.

Here’s even more articles you should check out: The Sound Design of Swiss Army Man, The new Radcliffe film’s a gas, A24’s ‘Swiss Army Man’ Marketing Ploy Includes Singing Phone Calls, “What’s Sex Like?” Texts, Why Daniel Radcliffe Didn’t Want Anyone Else Playing a Farting Corpse, Daniel Radcliffe on “Swiss Army Man”’s absurd bromance, prosthetic butt effects and his desert island albums, Let Daniel Radcliffe Explain Why His Farting Corpse Movie, Swiss Army Man, Is “Beautiful and Epic”, Daniel Radcliffe’s parents gush over his new film, and finally Swiss Army Man: Daniel Radcliffe Talks His “Farting Corpse” Role.

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