Swiss Army Man from Andy Hull

In this interview Andy Hull discusses what he’s doing for a film called Swiss Army Man, an absurdist comedy, where a hopeless man stranded in the wilderness befriends a dead body and together they go on a journey to get home.

EN: Oh awesome! I know you’re really into movies so that must be a dream come true.
AH: That’s exactly it! I had no idea what I was going to do this year, which is weird because I’ve always had it planned out. And then my friends who did the Simple Math video, the DANIELS, they’re two guys named Daniel, got a movie deal. They did this Sundance Lab thing and they asked me to write all of the music for it. It’s kind of part musical and it’s a really crazy experience. We’re pretty deep into that.

EN: Is it mostly instrumental.
AH: There’s actually no instruments on it. It’s all vocals.

EN: Wow that sounds really cool, I’m really excited to hear that. What is the movie called?
AH: It’s called Swiss Army Man.

EN: Man, that sounds really interesting.
AH: It’s been the coolest music I’ve ever made, because it’s so out there. All we use is our voice and body, there’s like body percussion and stuff.

EN: How deep are you into the process? Is it done?
AH: No it’s not done yet. We’re going to be working on it pretty much all year. It hasn’t been filmed yet, so we have to write as they go along because the actors are going to be singing a lot of it.


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