What if Poster Giveaway

This contest was very hard to choose a winner for the poster. So I chose the top 5 that were the best answers. The winner for the poster goes to Emily G.


I thought it was a witty and well written romantic comedy. Dan did a wonderful job and it will remain my favorite rom-com to date. It made me laugh out loud repeatedly throughout and is a very memorable film. – Emily G.

Be sure to look out tomorrow for our book giveaway for the book: Daniel Radcliffe: The Biography. Which I have recently reviewed.

It’s beautifully and cleverly written by Elan Mastai. It’s sooo refreshing to have a romcom that’s so ethical and where the main characters aren’t driven by sex alone. Dan and Zoe perfectly fit their roles, as well as the rest of the cast. I LOVE how Wallace and Chantry feel so, SO real, and their conflicts too. They’re also hilarious and adorable together! The soundtrack is also soooo beautiful I’ve been listening to it for weeks!!! – Aina

I love the complete and utter honesty that the story and characters offer. It wasn’t just another cookie cutter rom-com. I believed the struggles of the characters and related to them 100%. -Brenna S.

I love this movie not because it’s about making out of friend zone but because it tells a beautiful story about two people finding each other perfect enough to spend the rest of their lives together. To me, the movie shows that it’s not always about making out of friend zone. It’s about finding the right one… just at wrong time. Wallace and Chantry has a beautiful chemistry and that makes me love the movie even more. – Rima S.

What If is a wonderful, funny, and sweet movie. The script is great, the humor too, and the cast is amazing, so talented! – Pauline

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