Why Dan is like his character, “Wallace”

Daniel Radcliffe stars as Wallace in Michael Dowse’s new film, What If. Working in comedy is uncharted territory for the young actor. “I think coming on stage but never on film, on stage there’s a precision you can have about timing because it’s all in your hands,” Radcliffe exclusively told uInterview, “and on film that’s all taken away — that’s in the hands of an editor and director.”

What If follows Wallace, a medical school dropout, who takes a break from his unsuccessful search for love until he meets Chantry, who he instantly builds a close friendship with. Radcliffe revealed that Wallace is very similar to himself, “The character was very funny, it was the first time I ever played a contemporary character,” he told uInterview. “He’s the most like myself.”

What If will premiere in theaters on August 8

Source: uinterview

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