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Daniel Radcliffe Birthday 23

In the last few weeks, 6 websites and 103 fans from 25 countries gathered to wish a Happy Birthday to this one special person who made this possible: Daniel Radcliffe.
This project was developed by some of the best Daniel Radcliffe’s websites around the world: Portal Radcliffe (Brazil), Glowing Radcliffe (Argentina), Simply Daniel Radcliffe (United States), Daniel J Radcliffe Holland (Holland), Radcliffe Brasil (Brazil) and Daniel (Germany) and it was attended by fans from the following countries: Brazil / Argentina / U.S. / Spain / Mexico / Germany / Netherlands / Chile / Colombia / Guatemala / Peru / Hungary / Iran / Switzerland / England / France / Indonesia / Ukraine / India / Norway / Indonesia/ Philippines / Sweden / Scotland / Estonia

On the Examiner:

Daniel Radcliffe Birthday 24

SDR and DR Brazil’s birthday video for his 24th birthday, here you can also view our online book. Pictures of the printed book courtesy of Daniel Radcliffe brasil.

Daniel Radcliffe Birthday 25

This year was a very hectic year so I didn’t have much time at all. But here’s the online book I put together thanks to all the people that participated. You can view the video I made up above as well as the extra piece I made in addition to the project. All of it you can view here.

Daniel Radcliffe Birthday 26

The project we worked on wasn’t as successful as it should have been but when i needed help to fill in the gaps thanks to my team they gave me photos that they had of Dan so i was able to use those to complete it. I have to say without them I probably wouldn’t have been able to finish it. But it came out quite well you can view our photo book here.

Daniel Radcliffe Birthday 27

This is our project for Dan’s 27th birthday. There was no book made for this this year. Many thanks to Amy for helping me with the ending and to my girls that have helped me in the past. Thank you all for being a part of this years project. I hope you liked it.

Daniel Radcliffe Birthday 28

This is our project for Dan’s 28th birthday. Many thanks to Amy for helping me with all the content she submitted. Thank you all for being a part of this years project. I hope you liked it