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Here are some of the most common questions I get asked every day. If you have one send it in, I’ll be sure to answer it as soon as I can.

1. Are you Daniel Radcliffe?
No, I am not Daniel Radcliffe. I get this asked almost every day and I have no reason why people would think that.

2. How can I register for your gallery?
You can register at the following link. Fill in everything.

3. Why was I not approved?
You did not submit a donation.

4. How can I support your site?
First off, you can support us by giving us credit for anything you use from the site. Donations are accepted of any sort monetray or other.

5. If I make a donation to your site how much do I send?
That all depends on you. No amount is too small. You help us by supporting the site for paying domain name fees, hosting fees, certain magazines we want to obtain for the site etc.

6. Not a question, but a thank you.
It’s nice to receive feeback when people thank you for anything you’ve done. So I thank you back for letting me know my work is not in vain.

7. Why can I not login?
If your account was approved you should be able to login to the gallery. Unfortunately there are times when there is nothing I can do, especially when it involves foreign countries. Make sure your computer programs, internet browser and java are updated. I am not liable if you have problems logging in. I can only do so much from my end.

8. I got an account and was approved but still can’t login.
The first thing to do is to check and recheck your password is correct. Often i get this and the password they entered was the wrong password. If you need a password reset you can do it yourself by the following link.

9. Why is your site not open like other sites.
The reason the site is closed off to the public because i work a lot harder on things than most people do everything I put into the site is time consuming and I do it for the fans of SDR not for anyone else and not for any other sites.

10. Who are you?
My name is Marcie. I am a 40 year old woman who was inspired by Dan and love making things for his fans. There’s not really much to me. But I’m just an ordinary person there’s nothing special about me.

11. My password is not working?
First thing to check is what part of the site are you logging into. Radcliffe Media, RadcliffePhotos and Simply Daniel Radcliffe Fan Fiction are each different php scripts you will need a different login for all 3. So if you get a username and password for one section it won’t work on the other two. There’s not one universal password to the website. If you are logging into the correct section with your username and password recheck your password. If you still have problems contact me.

12.  What is Dan mobile phone number?
Hell if I know. I don’t know that info so sorry.
Asked: 20th June, 13 | Answered: 23rd June, 13

13. How can i send fanmail?
You can send it to his agency, ARG Talent. The address can be found here: Contact Dan
Asked: 23rd November, 13 | Answered: 01st December, 13

14. What is Dan’s favourite color?
Last reported colors were: Blue and Yelllow
Asked: 18th October, 13 | Answered: 01st December, 13

15. Como me registro en el grupo/comunidad de SDR?
We only have 1 group on facebook you can request to join us here: SDR Group
Asked: 11th January, 14 | Answered: 23rd July, 14