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So I said I would have this for you today, took me a while to write it and rather than making it a tutorial. I thought I would make it more of guide. So the people who are interested you can just read the pdf. I created on it. I also wanted to point out which image was downloaded 35,000 times which I did not list in the PDF. This was an earlier version so its not the best but I was amazed it was downloaded that many times.

I did something different, and as I did this people began to wonder how I did it. So I am posting a guide here to show you the easy steps of how to color Harry Potter. I also started working on a reversal of this technique which is a bit more harder to do. I don’t know if I will write that one out or not. For now, your welcome to download the PDF and read on how to do this one.

This PDF is a guide based on the play by Martin McDonagh “The Cripple of Inishmaan” featuring Daniel Radcliffe and Sarah Greene 2013 and 2014

SDR Custom Card Deck
This is a 52 standard custom card deck all loaded into a PDF file, There are also two card backings for you to print back and front. You may print them, but not claim credit for them. All images used are credited to their respective owners, all stock photos were from public domain. Full list of resources will be listed soon.

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