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Graham Norton

Got to see the new episode of Graham Norton which is always a pleasure to see there was 3 clips released on the net. Which will be posted below. They showed Justin Timberlake and...

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Zurich Film Festival

The Zurich Film Festival was toady Dan was there to promote both Imperium and Swiss Army Man down below is the green carpet. There’s pictures in the gallery, but I am gonna hold off...

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Celebrity Honk Off

Daniel Radcliffe chats corpsing on camera, lamping Harry Potter fans and shooting Emma Watson in the face. INTERVIEWS > 2016 > Celebrity Honk Off

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Capital FM

Dan was recently on Capital FM and they interviewed him on relationship advice, rating fan fiction and Dan and Roman get roasted. I put the fan fiction one on a page because the stories...

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PictureHouse Central

Monday was the Q and A for Swiss Army Man n London so here’s the video also there were several pictures as well so those will be posted below. MOVIES > Swiss Army Man...

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Daniel Radcliffe Custom Card Deck

You guys have been seeing the progress of the cards I am working on and now they are finally done. I’ve made a custom 52 card deck using Daniel’s filmography. It took me a...

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Imperium Press Junket Part 2

BBC Radio 1 Movies & Megastars, you cann see the full interview on BBC Iplayer. You can view a clip below. Daniel Radcliffe prefers playing a farting corpse to doing Hollywood blockbusters you can...