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Swiss Army Man Captures

Finished off the last of the Swiss Army Man Screen Captures I did. So they are all now in the gallery. There’s a couple of more I want to add from The Now You...

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5 new stills from Imperium

We’ve got 5 new stills for you from Imperium. You can view these in the gallery. MOVIES > IMPERIUM (2016) > STILLS

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Calling all Superfans of Dan

This is a brand new superfan campaign that is looking for college-age (18-25) celebrity megafans all over the country in the USA only! Please email

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Swiss Army Man Deleted Scenes

I worked on caps yesterday of the deleted scenes for Swiss Army Man. You can preview the caps I uploaded in the gallery MOVIES > SWISS ARMY MAN > BLU RAY > DELETED SCENE:...

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The One Show and more from Zurich

See Daniel Radcliffe explaining about his new film Swiss Army Man and Graham Norton being a novelist – yes, you read that correctly! You can view the full program of the One Show at...

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Swiss Army Man Extras

Lately a few sites have been posting extras for Swiss Army Man so I am gonna post what’s come out so far in this post. Dan laugh’s during filming

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20 mins and SRF

Here’s a few new video and audio from the Zurich Film Festival. I am gonna post a few photos that came with the interviews down below. Enjoy. Daniel Radcliffe:SRF Interview 20 Minuten Interview SRF...

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Graham Norton

Got to see the new episode of Graham Norton which is always a pleasure to see there was 3 clips released on the net. Which will be posted below. They showed Justin Timberlake and...

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Zurich Film Festival

The Zurich Film Festival was toady Dan was there to promote both Imperium and Swiss Army Man down below is the green carpet. There’s pictures in the gallery, but I am gonna hold off...

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Celebrity Honk Off

Daniel Radcliffe chats corpsing on camera, lamping Harry Potter fans and shooting Emma Watson in the face. INTERVIEWS > 2016 > Celebrity Honk Off