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    Victor Frankenstein (2015)
    as Igor
    Igor, has lived in the circus when he is rescued by Victor Von Frankenstein. Together their friendship evolves one helping another from going over the edge.
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  • Horns (2014)
    as Ignatius Perrish
    Ignatius Perrish, a 26-year-old who awakens from a black-out hangover to find horns sprouting from his head. As his horns grow bigger, Ig sets out to investigate the unsolved murder of his girlfriend and the case’s connection to his cursed fate.
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  • What If (2014)
    as Wallace
    A story of a young man (Wallace) and woman (Chantry) who struggle to navigate their friendship, which has developed a deep romantic undercurrent.
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    A group of friends of mine, gave me an idea. I always thought Daniel’s talent with music was very unique as well as his vocal talent. So I decided to create a project based on that. I worked on an album cover and worked on music clips from various sources. I made a sort of custom soundtrack featuring such clips as Blackalicious Alphabet Aerobics, Natasha, The Elements, Blue Moon, Who’ll Stop the Rain and much more. If you would like to see what I have put together it is featured here.

    musical talent of daniel radcliffe

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    Posted on Mar,242015
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    Site News


    Dan’s Interview on Obsession for Tom Felton’s Documentary: Tom Meets the Superfans.

    Also new scans from Gala Men No.1 2015

    Gallery Link:

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    Posted on Mar,212015
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    Dan News, Gala Men, Magazines



    The star, who has recently appeared in rom-com What If and horror film Horns, is poised to present the first episode of the show’s 49th series on Friday 10th April. It will be Radcliffe’s second stint in the hot seat. The 25-year-old actor presented the topical news quiz back in December 2012.

    When: Friday April 10
    Time: 9pm, BBC 1

    Source: radiotimes

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    Posted on Mar,192015
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    Dan News


    I’ve added several new images from Season 1 and Season 2 of A Young Doctor’s Notebook.

    Gallery Link:

    Gallery Link:

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    Posted on Mar,172015
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    A Young Doctor's Notebook, Dan News


    Hollywood movie “Pirates 2″ (Now You See Me: The Second Act) army has immediate concern Macau, one of the key players, “Ha earners” Daniel Radcliffe (Daniel Radcliffe) arrived at the airport in Hong Kong last night, ready to start immediately over the sea, a series of nine local attractions and casinos in the viewfinder, but is eligible under the Macau government closed many roads Cooperation shooting brigade arrived in Hong Kong next week will remain in operation.

    Magic playing movie theme “very Pirates’ global income of HK $ 2.73 billion at the box office, film-makers, announced last year that a sequel, the original class of people 马谢西艾辛 Fort (Jesse Eisenberg), Woody Harrison ( Woody Harrelson), Dave Franco, McRae Pallu (Mark Ruffalo) is followed by the Magic Thief sly, this antique shop owner also joined plays Jay, and avenge his father’s “Ha-earners” Daniel Radcliffe, the beat After the strike the British scenes, Chinese director Jon M. Chu has headed backstage to arrive in Macau, launched nine days of shooting schedule.

    Next week to Hong Kong
    “Very Pirates 2″ is scheduled to start in Macau for six days, the crew began at the end of the locally recruited extras, but behind the team in place yesterday morning in the vicinity of the road closure Fulong New Street, was today officially buried bit ready, Macao days many roads will be implemented to limited traffic, but will field a number of action scenes, of which there are twenty people riding motorcycles together scene chase lens, also on Taipa Friendship Bridge leading lane shooting coaster drama today is to the main road along the viewfinder, the local co-foot shot nine days, next week will be moved to Hong Kong to continue operating.

    Po arrived ahead of Dave Franco (right) to the party, and with Lebanon tennis player pictured. directed by Jon M. Chu Kazakhstan Aberdeen before the start of a chain being captured in Macau.

    Dave arrived early Po
    Rather heavy scenes this episode last night appeared Daniel Hong Kong airport, just arrived Po Jibei philately, sounded his beard friendly attitude, and the flight attendants and sister photo, known to the film side has hired a substitute for Daniel, took part dangerous scenes show . As with tablets actor Dave Franco, buttressed by accounting 士法兰 high (James Franco) in the name of the brother of the successful development, he had more than one partner congregation arrive early step in Macau, last night at the party, held at the Venetian, with Lebanon tennis player pictured.

    In addition, Fort Xiexiyixin finished “very Pirates 2″ will be directing the filming of Woody Allen (Woody Allen) new work, as well as partner with Bruce Willis piece (Bruce Willis) and the third degree of cooperation Ji silk Dayton Stewart (Kristen Stewart), the movie schedule for release next year.
    Author: chloroform

    [Millie stays Nai Wei bigger the type]
    Movie series “Harry Potter” (Harry Potter) helped popularize the protagonist, “Ha-earners” Daniel Radcliffe, and even their partner “Millie” Emma Watson (Emma Watson) are red burst show business, because of ” Millie “big girl looks slim, it came earlier Britain’s Prince Harry (Prince Harry) had she started the pursuit. Although “Ha earners” the greater the deviation, the current beard sounded more left to shoot new film, opposite the “Harry Potter” plays “Nai Wei” in Matthew Lewis was young womanhood, his British drama “Bluestone42″ in playing soldier, its shape is eligible praise manly explosion lights, Millie also on Twitter Message type Supporter into the grid.

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    Posted on Mar,162015
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    Tom Felton’s new documentary: Tom Felton Meets the Superfans is coming up on BBC Three. It will air on BBC Three on Monday March 23 at 9pm.

    According to Tom Felton’s interview on Just Jared: It’s an hour-long one-off that we’re doing with BBC and KR Films. It’s just kind of a chance for me to have a more in depth look at the world of super fans and these people that have followed franchises–kind of at the root of why Harry Potter was so successful. It had such an active fan base. It’s allowed people to be passionate about stuff that maybe they couldn’t be so open with in previous years. It’s kind of a look into that, it’s a road trip journey with me narrating.

    Included in the documentary is interviews by Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, and J.K. Rowling.

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    Posted on Mar,142015
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    Co-Stars News, Dan News


    We have 8 new photos from Horns. You can view them down below or go to our gallery.

    Gallery Link:
    MOVIES > HORNS (2014) > STILLS (MQ)

    Gallery Link:

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    Posted on Mar,132015
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    Horns, Movies



    Looks like filming has gone to Macau thanks to a tweeter who tweeted from a flight to Hong Kong. The following article is loosely translated from the original text.

    Magic piece “very Pirates” (Now You See Me) in global box office income, the sequel movie “Now You See Me 2″ (Now You See Me: The Second Act) also overweight making, this power is removed outside the UK, the original next Thursday (12th) will be reached Macau Chung, six-day shoot.

    Late last month, the crew began to engage in Macau to a recruitment activity, performance extras, including a line two dozen people riding motorcycles live appearances.

    This film focus on the Department of words incorrectly generous Taiwanese star Jay Chou Wu Nai married, drainage Bei antique drama plays little east of Macau, next week should see the canal, while new entrants lineup generous “Daniel Radcliffe, should be in conjunction with Mark Ruffalo and Jesse Eisenberg and so appeared to shoot, it will tell the story of Walter to avenge his father, Jay performed in conjunction with an estimated magic wars.

    Here’s also four more articles from Hong Kong for you to read you may need a translator to read them.,,,


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    Posted on Mar,092015
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    Dan News, Movies, Now You See Me 2


    Way back during Cripple of Inishmaan, Dan did a video for Flaunt Magazine called Wait. The director Joe Connor discussed what it was like to work with Daniel on the video and how the concept of that video was made.

    A good actor should be able to convey a certain feeling without the use of words or special effects. I like to think this was the idea behind Joseph Connor’s short he did with Killing the Darlings star and Gryffindor alum Daniel Radcliffe. In this short 2-minute video a familiar old timey voiced narrator sets the mood giving a sort of pep talk to Mr. Radcliffe in what looks like the setting of a dressing room.

    The entire video was shot in only eight minutes and edited down to two for Flaunt Magazine. I had the chance to reach out to Joe with a few questions about the short. Here’s what he had to say.

    Joe’s Daily: Was it your first time working with Daniel?

    Joseph Connor: It was the first time I’d worked with him – first time I’d met him to be honest. He was completely relaxed about the whole process. He was busy shooting some of the amazing stills that went with the campaign for Flaunt ( and they brought me in to shoot a short with him as I’ve worked a with a lot of British actors, we just grabbed a few minutes at the end to chat about some ideas.

    JD: Did Daniel have any input or let you direct him 100% from your own ideas?

    JC: The short came from a loose conversation we had about fear, that feeling that you are waiting for someone or something. Dan mentioned a few moments that this had happened to him and drew on that and then I just let him do his thing. We sort of played this very simple game between Dan and the camera and the action of looking – it was very simple which is how I like to work…. he’s such a skilled actor (It blew me away actually, how intense he can become) that after that initial conversation my only direction came through how I positioned the lens and he just reacted to it instinctively, giving me what I wanted. I’m a big fan of letting actors be, giving them small games to play and letting them stare into the lens if it feels natural and that final moment just grew organically and I think it shows in how honest that look is.

    Read more about it at Joe’s Daily and view the video below.

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    Posted on Mar,082015
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    Dan News, Flaunt, Magazines

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