Character: Yossi Ghinsberg
Directed by: Greg Mclean
Written by: Yossi Ghinsberg (book), Justin Monjo (screenplay)
Produced by: Yossi Ghinsberg, Dana Lustig, Greg McLean
Other cast: Thomas Kretschmann, Alex Russell. Joel Jackson
Release date: 2017
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
Running time: 1hr 55 mins

In December 1981, Yossi Ghinsberg (Israeli), Kevin Gale (American), and Markus Stamm (Swiss), are three young friends who went to the Bolivian Amazon, where they encounter Karl Ruprechter, a man with promises of an Indian village. After a brief river rafting trip, Markus notices he has trench foot and the group splits up. Kevin and Yossi continue rafting while Markus and Karl hike back into the jungle, never to be seen again.


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