Saturday Night Live

Character: Himself – Host / Harry Potter / Various
Directed by: Don Roy King
Written by: Seth Meyers … (head writer)
Produced by: Alex Baze
Other cast: Fred Armisen Abby Elliott Bill Hader Seth Meyers Bobby Moynihan
Episodes: Season 37, Episode 12
Original airdate: January 14. 2012
Genre: Comedy, Music
Running time: 90 Mins

After Mitt Romney (Sudeikis) shows he’s a regular guy at a S.C. diner, Daniel Radcliffe hosts: he’s a stock boy at Target, the lead singer of a Four Seasons knockoff – the Delaware Fellas, a guest who dances and draws on “You Can Do Anything,” a hapless youth playing spin the bottle, Harry Potter hanging out to impress new students ten years after graduation from Hogwarts, Casey Anthony’s dog interviewed on “Weekend Update,” an actor in a 2112 play set in 2012, a voter at an exit poll in New Hampshire, and himself as a guest interviewed by a clueless Jay Pharoah. A candidate for mayor of Glen Falls runs attack ads against herself. Lana Del Ray sings.