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When asked to review this book, I was definitely interested in reading it. So I am gonna be giving you my review on Harry Potter Places Book One: – London and London Side-Along Apparations. This book is in pdf format and about 309 pages long. This book included a wealth of information not only on the Harry Potter filming locations, but a little bit on London and a huge resource of links for every single reference that was mentioned. If your planning a trip to London or the Harry Potter WB Studio Tour at Leavesden this is what you should take with you at all times. I highly recommend it.

Glancing at the first several pages there are several Potter terms used, as well as tips and references to London living. If your from the states like I am you’ll wanna read this. Featured in this book are also features to other attractions and tours around the London area. As you head deeper into it, the filming locations are discussed with pictures a sort of before and after of how it looked before it was filmed and after it was filmed. Each location mentioned has a real interesting mention about what was changed or added to the location for the filming of Harry Potter. In each location times and directions are given on how to get to each place and the duration of how long it will take to get there.

In this guide there are 18 site entries for Potter Places within central London, and 10 site entries for Potter Places in the suburbs of London, 28 sites in all. It very informative and you will be intrigued in reading it. Toward the end of the book the Harry Potter Studio tour is mentioned with detail and the Harry Potter Theme Park in Florida. If your a Potter fan and intend to visit London, I suggest you get this to walk in the steps the actor’s did while filming the movies. You’ll get to relive it again even though the films are done. I hope you liked my review and visit the site I did this review for.

Thanks to CD Miller for sending Book One to me to review for you and visit the site Harry Potter Places.

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