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Removed two sections from the site Google Chrome Themes since they no longer exist and the Fan center since I don’t have time for it. I moved all graphics to a page here and the icons into our icon archive. Questions and Answers = FAQ was added here.

Small snippet from Max Landis about Victor Frankenstein

Like with your VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN script?

ML: Yeah, FRANKENSTEIN was changed quite a bit from my original script. Most of the dialogue is from my actual script, but the order things happen and the reasons why they happen have been altered by production. Certain contextual scenes have been changed or deleted, that give other scenes context. But I thought it was beautifully made with really good acting. It’s weird to sit in the audience and watch a movie that I wrote. I’m unable to see my movies, because I just see the way they were in my head.

Source: RogueMag

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