Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project

Last year, I joined some other Daniel Radcliffe sites on their birthday projects so we began talking after last year and this year we have gathered 6 sites to make one birthday project for Daniel in celebration of his 23rd Birthday.

Simply Daniel Radcliffe, Portal Radcliffe , Radcliffe Brazil , Glowing Radcliffe , Daniel Radcliffe J Holland and Daniel Radcliffe DE : Some of the world’s best sites about Daniel Radcliffe.

Our project consist of two ideas: A video that will give you the chance to participate and a twitter tag for July 23 in honor of Daniel’s Birthday.

1) We are going to put a video together which will be edited in the end by Biba from Portal Radcliffe. And you all can join in on this if you want! Fans from all over the world are welcome to join. The video will be sent to Dan’s agency together with a letter (credit to everyone who joined) This is how it will be put together:

– Photo’s to add into the video:
* Fans are holding up the letters (a4) which will form “Happy Birthday Dan” SDR has the letters P H N

* I have a message which will be devided in parts. (some words on a card/a4)

We will need 11 people to say the following verses.

Allen Ginsberg / and took us to places / we take this moment / races / by your every gesture / is not in vain. / such a good example / so different / every conquer / that life can give. / and that we’re going to carry

More details will be given to the ones who are interested in participating.

2) We will try to “trend” a Twitter tag on Twitter at Dan’s birthday, 23rd July. Which one that will be.. we are still working on that, so check that later!

Do you want to participate and get featured in the video to Dan?
E-mail me: your name, country & city with the subject “Birthday Project 2012” Then I will get back to you a.s.a.p.
We need to have all the pics on 13th July.

16 Comments on “Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project”

  1. Hi everyone
    I`M DAN biggggeeeesssttt lover and I wish so badly to be part of this but unfortunately i won`t be able to do that
    i`ll do my best anyway.I feel really down 😥 .
    I adore you my angel DAN my everything my one and only.
    charmed by RADCLIFFE since 2008 to forever

    1. Our letters are taken you have these to choose from for the phrases. There’s no video you just have to take a pic of yourself holding the phrase.

      1.and took us to places
      2. races
      3. by your every gesture
      4. is not in vain.
      5. such a good example

  2. Hi! I just have one question – Do you want a cash fee? Or participation is free? I would really like to engage!!!
    Thank you for your answer. 🙂
    Oh, sorry for my English – I’m from Czech republic.

        1. It’s free to join in we need several more phrases to say on video here’s what we got left

          Allen Ginsberg / and took us to places / races / by your every gesture / is not in vain. / such a good example / so different / every conquer

          1. Thanks for your answer… 🙂
            Oh, my pronunciation is bad, so I think I just send the photo… 🙂

  3. I’m doing this!(: thank you guys so much by the way!! I love this website so so much!!!!!(: Dan is amazing and perfect and the love you guys have for him that I share with you is so beautiful and amazing!(:

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