Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project

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16 Responses

  1. boshra says:

    I adore u

  2. BOSHRA says:

    Hi everyone
    I`M DAN biggggeeeesssttt lover and I wish so badly to be part of this but unfortunately i won`t be able to do that
    i`ll do my best anyway.I feel really down :cry: .
    I adore you my angel DAN my everything my one and only.
    charmed by RADCLIFFE since 2008 to forever

  3. BOSHRA says:

    Hello everyone

  4. Teresa says:

    Hello! I am absolutely in love with the website, ahaa, and id love to take part in this!:)

  5. Zoe says:

    am defo doin this :)

  6. aty says:

    so I should send a photo with one of the letters plus a video of myself saying one one of those phrases?

    • marcie says:

      Our letters are taken you have these to choose from for the phrases. There’s no video you just have to take a pic of yourself holding the phrase.

      1.and took us to places
      2. races
      3. by your every gesture
      4. is not in vain.
      5. such a good example

  7. MarieOde says:

    Hi! I just have one question – Do you want a cash fee? Or participation is free? I would really like to engage!!!
    Thank you for your answer. :)
    Oh, sorry for my English – I’m from Czech republic.

    • marcie says:

      Are you talking about the project or something else?

      • MarieOde says:

        About the project… :)

        • marcie says:

          It’s free to join in we need several more phrases to say on video here’s what we got left

          Allen Ginsberg / and took us to places / races / by your every gesture / is not in vain. / such a good example / so different / every conquer

          • MarieOde says:

            Thanks for your answer… :)
            Oh, my pronunciation is bad, so I think I just send the photo… :)

  8. Anna Pressley says:

    I’m doing this!(: thank you guys so much by the way!! I love this website so so much!!!!!(: Dan is amazing and perfect and the love you guys have for him that I share with you is so beautiful and amazing!(:

  9. Iselin Marie says:

    I love this website :!: :!: <33

  1. July 4, 2012

    […] our project, but if you’re not from Brazil or Portugal, we ask you to get in contact with Simply Daniel Radcliffe, Daniel J Radcliffe Holland or […]

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