Gallery, no easy task…..

I’ve been renovating the gallery since last week, as I work on week 2. I cannot tell you how many pics we were missing because of the crash I lost count. I’ve been keeping a detailed notebook and with that i can actually tell you how much we lost but things are gonna slow day a bit I took on some extra tasks and between doing that the gallery and communicating with dear friends. I have a bit to do.

So as I get down to the end, I only wanna say thank you all for being patient. I know you love the site and the gallery especially. And thanks to those that have been reading our fan fiction. There was one recent feedback I got and I loved the comment thanks to whoever wrote it. After writing 66 stories you kinda lose focus on what to call your characters other than their actual name. I always seem to have a problem with that. Movie fan fiction is different than writing what became to be known as Daniel Radcliffe’s Fan fiction site. Wasn’t really him I was basing it on. It was like Dan was the character. I couldn’t see him with any other name. If figments of my dreams and ideas became loved by others. Thank you, your feedback is appreciated.

Oh and check out Dan’s google plus he left us a few photos of his latest photo shoot. Thank you Dan… <3

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