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The Gallery is undergoing a major renovation. Reason: I am doing a big cleanup so big that you guys will think the gallery is not coming back. It will but in a week hopefully least i am hoping so. Since finding those two missing pics I am wondering if I maybe missing more when the database crashed I did a check but not thoroughly. So to clear it all up I am gonna work on a fresh database and a fresh gallery install. Uploading images is a lot of work and its no easy task. If any new photos should arise between now and when I finish I will post them all here for you guys or alert you to them elsewhere. I removed stuff from the site too since there really is no need for them anymore here’s what I removed:

The Woman in Black Fan Site – All content was moved here under “SDR In Depth”
SDR Projects Facebook We dont need it anymore
SDR Forum – never really used

On a big plus, I am so glad everyone loved all the graphics I did on Horns. It’s one of the most downloaded projects so far. I didn’t think anyone would like them. I was even more surprise when Joe Hill loved it as well. So if I come up with anymore ideas in between I’ll see what I can come up with till then. I know how you hate dry periods and so do I.

2 Comments on “Gallery Offline”

  1. Hi,
    ist die SDR Gallery wieder auf?
    Kann mich leider nicht mehr anmelden 🙁
    Die Gallery kennt nicht mal mehr meine Email Adresse
    Liebe Grüße iris

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