Gallery Survey

Some of you have been asking if there was something you could do to become part of our gallery without a donation. I’ve been thinking about it and there’s no easy solution. I work countless hours looking for everything for it from different sources to all languages. But I’ve made a survey just so I can know what exactly why some of you are wanting back in. Your feedback will give me a look into what you want and what you are interested in.

The survey will end on May 25, after that a person will be chosen who’s not already a member of our gallery. This is only for new people not already registered. If you are registered and fill this out you will not qualify. So if you would like to enter our gallery for free here’s your chance. Best answers will determine your acceptance.


For the rest that are not chosen, in a few weeks time. The gallery will open to the public and the free gallery will be deleted.

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