Halloween Contest

Many thanks to the ones that submitted our first place winner is Adair Bartley congrats I will contact you with further details on your prize. Second runner up is Amy Duelly and third Sarah Nonaka


Amy Duelly


Sarah Nonaka

It all began, when I received an invitation, from my friend. I opened my mailbox, not knowing
what was inside. Soon, I figured it out.

Dear Daniel,
Hi! I hope you had a great birthday. I was so glad, to see you again.
My brother, Mickey’s having a Halloween party this weekend, would you like to come? I’ve
enclosed an invitation. See you there!
Sharon Driscoll-Li

P.S. Costume is optional, for the contest.
Mickey’s Halloween Bash 2015
Place: House of Mouse Nightclub, Toon Town
Date: 10/31
Time: 8PM to 11PM

I looked at the invitation, and found my old Harry Potter costume. I decided that I should go in
this one.

The party was a loads of fun. I even won 1st prize, at the contest!

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