I’m Back

For the past two weeks I have been without a computer. It seems the system I owed for ten years finally said goodbye. Well today was the build and I am back. I wanna thank you all that helped me achieve this. Those of you that helped with more than you should I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I couldn’t have gotten this without you. It means a lot to me that you guys value not only the site, but me as well. Also for those that didn’t have the means but gave what they can I will never forget that and I thank you so much.

Now I am back to work and I have added three candid sets for you to view. For those not in the full gallery I will post those tomorrow for you. Its been a miserable two weeks without the fans of the site to talk to and I missed you all very much. In those two weeks I have been writing via paper. I wrote chapter 6 to Project 0471, a new story called Thief of the Heart that is set in Austin, Texas and Holding on to You. I also started drawing, but my drawing skills are bad though it gave my kids a laugh. I drew a landscape of West Port Institute and you will see exactly what that is come Chapter 6 of Project 0471. It’s a very important part of Walter’s life and you will be able to read that once I rewrite it on Word.


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