Lots of Updates

Added tons of stuff from the Whistler film festival so there’s a big gallery update. Added 3 articles to the SDR News Center and also updated RadcliffeMedia, though i think i still have a little more to add there so be sure to check that out. Recently I have made something for Kathleen as she was the winner of the Thanksgiving Contest. And I promise to make some more for her. But this is what I made for her. Also our upcoming layout is featured at LucasHQ so if you are curious you can view it there. I also encourage you to go there and join the page cause that’s where you will get to read important news on what I am working on and what else could possibly go on with the site itself. In a few days, I’ll be writing an FAQ for any problems I have been receiving from you. And Thank you very much to the people that have been submitting images we don’t have. We also have a new affiliate: Jon-Hamm.org

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