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Paul Bernard, a documentary cameraman working for Warner Bros. Has an ebook out called Adventures in Movies which is available on Amazon and Kobo. He worked on the set and has given us a chance to show you just a bit about it.

Here’s an extract from Paul Bernard’s ebook ‘Adventures in Movies’ regarding Dan and Emma and tons more.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: Leavesden Studios – 2008

Dan’s time was utilized with military precision from hours in education to floor runners waiting to whisk him the length of the studio in a golf cart when everything was ready to shoot a scene. He would stride swiftly on to set, met by Gary (props), the keeper of the hallowed Potter glasses who would hand him a pair, having decided if they should have glass in the frames or no glass (because of reflections), shoot about six takes then back on the golf buggy and we wouldn’t see him again for many hours. One day a helicopter landed at the studio and after shooting a scene Dan was flown to London, about 20 miles away, timed perfectly for him to accept another award for Potter, then flown straight back in time to continue filming, but I think he relished this cyclonic flow of his life.

April 2008 was Emma’s 18th birthday, a day the media seemed to drool over with a lecherous countdown towards the day. Emma wanted to add a brief video thank you on her website and publicity drafted me in to shoot this for her. My sound recordist, Sam Diamond and myself lugged the equipment to the second floor corridor where, Dan, Rupert and Emma had their dressing rooms. We had both been filming out on the backlot so our boots were loaded with wet mud and when I opened the door (Emma was not in yet) a sea of two inch thick snow white carpet presented itself. We had no choice but to remove our boots and instead treated Emma’s lovely fluffy floor covering to our steaming sweaty socks. The main room consisted of a small sofa, flat screen TV and DVD player, and a desk. There was a separate changing area and ensuite bathroom with shower. I chose the obvious desk for Emma to deliver the greeting and dressed the background with the few cards and balloons that where in the room.

He mentioned there are three segments about Goblet of Fire, Half Blood Prince and Order of the Phoenix with plenty about Dan, Rupert, Emma and Rob Pattinson. On a personal note he mentioned he got along with Dan really well and he was a charming young man.

So please take a look, read and enjoy. You can buy it via Amazon and Kobo. For US customers, go to this link.

You can read more about Paul and his work through the following sources:

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