Putting things on Hold

Having seen the latest episode of A Young Doctor’s Notebook was completely amazing. Dan’s acting in it was brilliant. I’ll be making captures but I am gonna put stuff on hold for a while. Not feeling up to par with the recent death in my family. Yes we had another, so if I am not happy that’s why. So if I don’t answer your emails for gallery registration requests please bare with me. I am not very happy in the least right now. Guess the only thing that keeps my mind off things is doing other things. And while I do have things to do. Just thought I would let you know why I feeling the way I am. I am missing friends and everyone who ever was there for me. I hope you all had good holidays and have a happy new year.

Will be focusing on something positive so, I am gonna make something for you guys and I hope you will like it. Till then love you always.

Gallery Update: 491 Captures from A Young Doctor’s Notebook Episode 4

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