SDR Fan Center

The other day, I was browsing several websites. And one thing I thought about is the fans who love celebrities like what’s new with them, the projects they got coming up and etc. The website gives you latest updates, news and what’s coming. The Gallery contains over 50,000 images to browse through. Radcliffemedia give you over 100 videos to look at. And our fan fiction site gives you stories to read. What we don’t got is a fan interactive center which will bring more for you. Every day I get questions of one thing or another. So your gonna have your chance to view questions people asked and see the answers your looking for. I also have in mind banners that you can put on your site or facebook page to claim your love for Dan. Banners where you can choose your design and have it written with the words you want on it. And lots more this is just the icing on the cake. So as I build it, I will add more to it. We’re also gonna head to the social media side with banners and icons for facebook and twitter.


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  1. question to twitter: wath kind is the connection/correlation of DanRadcliffe (“Harry
    Potter”) and “jacob@horcruxed”?

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