SDR Fan Center

It’s been a blast with the members of SDR, you guys are so very supportive and you’ve given me a lot more than I can ever imagine. So a few months ago, I thought what can I do in return. While browsing through the social media scene which is sort of a daily ritual for me with facebook and tumblr. I thought why not create some place where fans can take things I made and post them on their facebook and tumblr pages. So you ask what is the fan center?

The fan center is a place for fans to send in their questions about any topic regarding (SDR) the site which I have already posted some I get every day and have to answer the same question over and over. So you can read what’s going on to a problem you are having. I also created some banners, icons, and side images for tumblr and facebook. Because I have been working so much on my other sites recently time didn’t give me much to make a lot so I did what I could with the set date I given myself. Your free to use the images on whatever you want. The custom designs section is a bit on hold cause i am still working on that section, but it will be put out as soon as its done. In time, new things will show up on there. So what you see is not all there will be. I’ve been working on it for several weeks now.

I made two new wallpapers for you which you can pick up at the fan center. ENJOY!!!

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