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It’s occurred to me that facebook hates me. So I created a forum, at least there I won’t be blocked for 30 days. But it gives us a chance to communicate and collaborate on what we are working on or what you are working on. I’ve been trying to think of solutions to better manage everything I am working on and facebook is just not cutting it. So i will not be posting news on Daniel there since we already have a news archive. The forum will give you a chance to help me, give me ideas or feedback. If you find an error or have a problem let me know about it. In addition, I will also be posting resources. Graphic resources so you can create your own graphics and perhaps tutorials on things I’ve done. The forum is on admin approval so you wont be added till I activate you. So just wait for the email to be sent to you. Here’s the url to the forum and have a good day.

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