Thank you all for everything

The last two years have been the best years of my life. But this year made it the most amazing year because of your support, friendship, love and just being the people you are have given me a reason just to be thankful for it. But three very special people who they know who they are or at least I hope they do. Mean the world to me, they gave me a little more of themselves that they didn’t have to and one watched from afar that I could never thank. But you all are very special to me. I changed a lot because of it. I cut a lot of what I was doing down to a minimum. I got rid of all the facebook pages, got rid of some websites I was maintaining and now I am more happy that I don’t have to do that someone once said the websites were not important and even though that is true. I cannot feel without them I wouldn’t have met such wonderful people. Because of SDR, I’ve become aware that I mean a lot more to society, guess you guys were right. I do have a lot to give and I am gonna do that.

I love you all, have a great year and take care of yourselves out there where ever you are. Cause even though I will be busy, I’ll still be out here watching you.


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