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My dear friend, Thomas Sailer has finally got his book translated into English via Ebook. We mentioned last time about his book which was in German but now English readers have a chance to read it. SDR which was formerly Sparkling Illusions became part of Thomas’s DA Network way back when we were still a Harry Potter website. I loved the idea and it was a very good thing to build on. It was kinda sad when things didn’t work out, but I never forgot Thomas and happy he didn’t forget me either. I wish you success on your book, Thomas!!!

BVZ - March 13th 2013

Enchanted in a book


Thomas Sailer was an active member of the Harry Potter fan-community. Now, he has written an experience report about it.

Grosshoeflein. Thomas Sailer is visibly taken by the wizard’s apprentice Harry Potter. With his book “Chronik eines Harry Potter Fans”, the author became a talking point on various internet-sources. “Although the Chronicles had been released in German language, there were reports in America and Asia also”, tells the author proudly.

Experience report put down on paper

Now, in March, the Chronicles will be translated into English. Everything started back in 2004. “The Harry Potter phenomenon had a massive, inspiring effect on me. For some years, I had been an active member of the fandom”, tells the Harry Potter fan. And exactly about these experiences and the work in the fan community, Thomas Sailer writes in his book. In summer of 2007, he started to work on the manuscript. Again and again, the work got interrupted. In the meantime, the Grosshofleinian published two novels – “Der Freizeitpionier” and “Die Wuestenpflanze”. Just at the turn of the year 2011/12, he continued working on the Chronicles. “Within a few weeks, I completed the book. All in all, I put around 4 months of work into it”, informs Sailer. Also in future, he wants to continue writing. “Further books are already planned”, says the Harry Potter fan, who, apart from writing, likes to listen to music and to travel.

Massive fan. Thomas Sailer is proud of his most recent opus, which gets translated into English now. In his book, he reports about his work as an active member of the Harry Potter fan-community. has done an interview with Thomas on the book and you can hear what he has to say about it on youtube.

If you would like to know more about Thomas and his book just follow the links below:

Buy his book via Amazon: Chronicles of a Harry Potter Fan


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