Time for Change

There comes a time in a person’s life when they can no longer do what they love and that time has come for me. Two very important people in my life made me see that today, I always thought I was meant for so much more. And its been hard doing what I have been doing for all these years, listening to people’s problems, situations and lifestyles. Fixing problems on websites, helping other people with theirs, giving people what they needed. In fact I am getting so good at that just by a glance I fixed my friend’s problem without even looking at the html coding. But someone changed my perspective on things and I never thought it would be this person. So i took this person’s advice and while I wait for acceptance. I only hope I can do a lot of good like I have with the members of SDR. I’ve needed direction in my life and that person has given me that.

This weekend I will be meeting a member from SDR and she has been a very good friend. We’ve been talking for almost two years now. But I so look forward to meeting her. We are so excited to finally meet and its all because of Dan that we became close like we have.

October, is my month for change. So if I don’t keep up with everything with Dan I am sure someone else will. I’ll still be here I am hoping. But you can call it a vacation, I needed to take for a while. Some of you said i should and I am for the next three months. I wont be here to answer all your emails and I am sorry. But you can find everything on Dan just googling his name like I have done 5-10 times a day. So I am taking a long awaited me time that I have needed.

To the two people who are very dear to me, thank you for making me see things differently. I could have never seen what I have if not for you two. You two are the best people I will ever know and had the pleasure to talk to. I love you both and I wholeheartedly believe if you two weren’t in my life I wouldn’t be here. So thank you so very much for listening to me and being there when I needed someone. I hope someday I get to thank you in person.


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  1. I understand and I think it is good that you´re taking advices from those clever people. You need to take care of yourself. I just want you to know, that I really look up to you Marcie. Since I discovered SDR my life, that´s been so hard to live away from Dan R, has been so much easier. You made me feel like a part of everything that I love, you gave me a chance to feel closer to Daniel himself. Even though I´ve never met you, I think you are a great person. I wish you the best of luck and I really hope that you will return to SDR when you can!

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