A Special Thank You

Sending out a special thank you to the following places and people who sent us info this year and giving us the opportunity to give stuff away to our fans. Thank you so very much.

teamcoco.com: Conan
spokeagency.com – The F Word Toronto Tickets
viacommix.com – The Trail Blazers
Randy Jernigan: Daniel Fan Book article
IBJ.com/arts – The Cripple of Inishmaan
World Film Locations: Toronto Sick Kids Foundation
John Blake Publishing: Daniel Radcliffe The Biography
The PropStore: The Woman in Black Auction
The Magic Circle: Nick Hilton
watsondg.com: What if Promotion
uinterview.com: What if Comedy and Why hes like his character
whalerockindustries.com : Too boring for the Paparazzi
thinkjam.com: Horns

Also sending out a special thank you to the fans who have helped with content and their donations to the site. Thank you for all that you do and send it. It is much appreciated.

You can find our book reviews and publicity list at the following link: SDR Publicity

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