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Daniel Radcliffe grew out of the role of Harry Potter

April 28, 2018   |   Written by Daniel Higgins

By the age of 28, Daniel Radcliffe had managed to be the chief connoisseur of the dark forces, the gay poet and the white supremacist. To more accurately outline the creative trajectory of the actor, Esquire spent the day with him.

Even before entering London Studio, in which shooting with Daniel Radcliffe is scheduled, we are hampered by the idea that we’re actually going to meet the legend. “Hey, nice to meet you! I am Dan, ”he exclaims, stretching out his hand enthusiastically, which makes an excellent first, kindly relaxing impression. Soothingly and its small, only 165 centimeters, height. In addition, Radcliffe is more courteous and “British” than you would expect. Comes the feeling that today everything will be fine. He is calm, calm, collected and radiates warmth. Despite the surging wave of fame, at twenty-eight, he is already a mature professional in all respects, more focused on his work and self-realization in the postpotter period, and far from being a character seeking to fill the tabloids. And he does his job surprisingly successful. “By the way, it’s not forbidden to curse,” he adds with a smile. His team, organized and well coordinated, inspects the wardrobe chosen by the Esquire stylists, and we breathe a sigh of relief as we receive their approving nods.

Radcliffe received his first acting experience at the age of ten in the BBC One filmed “David Copperfield” filmed in 1999, followed by a cinematic debut in the film “Tailor from Panama” in 2001. And, of course, made him the most recognizable role in the Harry Potter franchise, where he played the very wizard with glasses. The series of films is recognized by Forbes second in terms of cash, losing only to the “Avengers”. Eight Harry Potter films raised $ 7.7 billion. James Bond with his collections, despite the release of 24 paintings over the past 56 years, remains only a bronze medalist.

Unlike some of his peers from the nineties, who fell victim to fame that fell on them at an early age, such as Macaulay Culkin (drugs, prison) and Dustin Diamond (frank video, wounding, prison), Radcliffe and his Potter star colleagues certainly managed to save their heads in the whirlpool of the ensuing temptations and getting out of it by brilliant, respectable actors.

In addition, in 2014, Radcliffe showed himself in an unusual celebrity manner, performing the composition Blackalicious Alphabet Aerobics on the most popular US “Night Show” with Jimmy Fallon. “I love rap, but I can’t say that I’ve got involved with it, although after the rapper gig at Fallon, people now often say:“ Wow, you are an ardent hip-hop fan ?! ”Perhaps, yes, but from that what really attracts me is punk and indie, that’s what I grew up as a listener and where I really know. ” The clip with his participation became viral, although Daniel is inclined to be skeptical about hip-hop.

“I just do not want to say that I listen exclusively to Eminem and intend to follow this trend like many other white guys around the world. But yes, I have become closer acquainted with hip-hop over the past few years, although this is just the basics of white hip-hop. I like rap, but I love lyrics too. ” His love for music is unconditional, it reveals the vast expanses of his nature and becomes his companion in many films. “I really appreciate the music and let me recommend my girlfriend Rebecca Lucy Taylor, who released a new single called Your Wife, but please note that there is also O.M.G. I am ready to listen to it without ceasing. ”

The love of playing with words seems to extend to all areas of his life, and is not at all limited to playing on stage and in movies.

Radcliffe is a published poet, back in November 2007, he wrote a series of poems under a pseudonym for the magazine Rubbish, published annually in the amount of 3000 copies. “I am still writing. True, there are fewer poems; working on scripts, I’m interested in directing. ”

He talks about his possible career transition from under the sight of the camera to its back side with joyful excitement. “I don’t want someone to give me their script, and I screwed it up like some newcomer; But if I get my own work out of my mind, then it will be easier to survive. ” Laughs His boyfriend in every sense, he is also an avid sports fan. “I like cricket, but I don’t play it. I have terrible eye-control coordination for ball games. ” Like many expats, living in the USA has turned him into a fan of American football. “I follow the National Football League; everything that happens there has become my top priority over the past few years, just to the obsession. On Sunday, I do everything, but only until five in the evening, after that I am confined to the couch for the next seven hours, devoted exclusively to watching American football. This is cool”.

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