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Dark Sun Rising
Author: KM Martinez
Publish: August 2, 2019
Publisher: K.M. Martinez
Format: ebook, Paperback
Pages: 272
Reader's Review: This book was really different I don’t think I read anything like this. Mel is in Clan Kale with a Kale Pendent. She has two brothers Victor and Gabe. She has planned to compete in the Agora. But when she gets home she is attacked by an unknown man. She had no idea who he was or what he wanted. This book was kinda cool it was family based so it wasn’t too bad. Though I think the terms used could of been more explained and I guess that was part of it that was a bit hard to understand. Though there was a glossary at the end so you might want familiarize yourself with it first. I haven’t finished it yet but it seems to have promise.
4.0 rating

Melanie Mendez of Clan Kale isn’t sure if she believes in angels, but she’s pretty sure she’s not a descendant of one.

Her grandmother, the Elder of Clan Kale, would beg to differ. Her brothers, Victor and Gabe, would tell her to shut up about it and just do what she's supposed to do: fight. Specifically, they want her to follow The Ways by participating in the Agora–the annual gathering where the seven clans compete for honor.

But Mel has never been one for competition, and the other clans have started to take notice. When she narrowly avoids being killed by a mysterious man the night before the Agora, she can't help but wonder if the other clans have judged her according to The Ways: as a traitor.

One way or another, this Agora is about to turn deadly.

Author Details:

KM Martinez lives in San Antonio, Texas. She is a fan of books, sports, and movies/television. Her first novel, Dark Sun Rising, is set to be released in August 2019.

When she’s not writing book two she is busy with work, friends, family, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.