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Author: Stephen Wallenfels
Publish: December 11, 2018
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Format: ebook, hardcover
Pages: 384
Reader's Review: My apologies as I am a little late on posting this I barely started to read this a few days ago and haven’t got to read it much but from what I read I found it really intriguing. I hope to post more on this as soon as I have read more of it. I am sorry I was not able to give you a full review but rest assured one will be posted in detail very soon.
4.0 rating

Twin brothers Ty and Cory Bic are on the run. When they encounter a dying deer in the middle of a remote mountain road with fresh tire tracks swerving down into a ravine, they know they have to help. But when they reach the wrecked car the vehicle appears empty, with signs that the driver escaped.

Until they hear a sound coming from the trunk.

Ty and Cory are escaping demons of their own. But what they discover in the trunk puts them in the crosshairs of something darker and more sinister than their wildest nightmares.

Told through a gripping, lightning-fast narrative that alternates between present and past, this unputdownable survival thriller unravels the tangled circumstances that led Ty and Cory to the deer in the road and set them on a perilous course through the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

Author Details:

Stephen Wallenfels lives in Washington state with his wife. He wrote freelance for the Health and Fitness industry for fifteen years before turning writing novels. His passions are family, hiking, cooking, reading, movies, climate change, and especially writing.