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His World
Author: Christos Papazachariou
Publish: N/A
Publisher: N/A
Format: ebook
Pages: 75
Reader's Review: When Christos sent this to me early this year I wondered what it cold possibly be about though he only sent me a few pages I found the meaning of a special child was not one with special powers but one with autism who had special abilities his parent’s didn’t understand till the end. I really thought that was a twist. Never thinking it was based on someone with autism. Christos though not a published writer leads you to understanding that just because a child is autistic doesn’t mean they aren’t special. I really liked this story it was something new and unexpected. I don’t know if he is writing more but it was a very nice story to read.
4.0 rating

Though there is no description I am writing my own here. The story is about a couple who are going to have a baby when they get a visit by a strange man asking if they want a special child or a normal child. Time after time they are visited by this man when finally they ask him for a special child though they had no idea what special meant.

Thanks to Christos he let me know that he is still writing.

Author Details:

I am no writer. I just love to write. I love challenging my mind.