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Author: Jewels Arthur
Publish: December 30, 2019
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Format: ebook, Paperback
Pages: 156
Reader's Review:  I read this one pretty quickly and it was pretty good. Most novels are only ever written about thin women so this one was a good plus. It wasn’t offending and was well written.There were some shockers in it. But considering the nature of the content everything fit in together nicely. I have to say this one was really good. I loved it.
5.0 rating

Meet Rosalie, or Rose for short, she is a gorgeous plus sized heroine who is about to get mixed up in a whole ‘nother world!

Rose has a night job at a bar in Silver Springs called Vee. She loves it because it gives her freedom, free drinks every night, and she gets to spend time with the 3 oh so sexy owners of the bar.

What Rose doesn’t know is that these guys have a dark and dangerous secret and the bar she works at isn’t quite what it seem.

Rose’s attraction to these guys is strong, but she thinks she has no chance. The guys are drawn to Rose, but they know they could never date a human. Insert one magical PSL then Rose’s world is flipped upside down.

Rose is a standalone reverse harem romance.

Author Details:

Jewels Arthur has lived in Central Illinois her entire life, she is a small town girl at heart and is terrified of city life. She grew up on a farm with 27 barn cats, video games, movies, and books to keep her company. She is obsessed with romance and swoon. As a hopeless romantic she wants everyone around her to be in love and wants to read about love all the time. She got married at 19 (suprise suprise) and she had a beautiful baby girl 3 years later when she finished college. Her obsession with love led her to decide that she needed to write her own swoony books, with a bit of dirty of course 😉