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The Autumnal Equinox
Author: Aty S Behsam
Publish: N/A
Publisher: N/A
Format: ebook
Reader's Review: For years, I have known Aty. But I only known her through her beautiful drawings she drew of Daniel Radcliffe. Her talent captured my eye and I never really knew the story behind the drawings until this year she invited me to become a beta reader for her novel “The Autumnal Equinox” which I had known she was writing but never had any idea of what it was about. Being a Beta Reader for her novel meant a lot to me. And I have to be truthful the first chapters she sent me really left me in tears literally at having a chance to finally see who Michael Sullivan (Daniel Radcliffe) was exactly. Michael Sullivan, the main character in the book was in many ways a normal teen living his life as any of us would. Chapter by Chapter as you read along you begin to discover the relationship between Michael Sullivan and Anahita Eunice. But as you read it you learn that even though they seem normal something is going on you can’t quite discover until you get furthur along. All the characters in the book, brought the story to life each affecting Michael in one way or another. There were some cute moments in it and ones where you think can this really be happening? There were also times you were scared for the characters just like if you were seeing a movie play in your head. Cause that’s how I pictured it as I read it. What I loved most in the novel was how the concept of the story was laid out and even though I cannot speak what it is entirely about. I have to admit it really was a different concept. I never read anything like this. Every section Aty, sent me left me with questions you wonder why did the character do this or what was gonna happen next and it keeps you on your toes wanting to read more and more until the very end when everything seems to fall into place. What makes you love the story, is not only the romance between the two characters but the mystic message behind it all. It was a very good read and I had a lot of fun reading it. I now know what each drawing means and what part she is referring to. Aty’s novel is not published yet, but she is trying her best to get it published. For her being Iranian, she is fully talented not only in art, but in writing as well. She’s given a lot of thought to her book and knows what feelings to bring out in you. The book brings out one strong message, “The Power of Choice”.
5.0 rating

While I can really say what this is about. This is just a placeholder for futher info later.

Author Details:

Aty is a writer and has done magnificent drawings for her story The Autumnal Equinox.

Iranian Writer / Artist / Environmentalist / Translator. I write novels, draw for stories and work in the field of environment.