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The Spellspeaker’s Prophecy
Author: Anna Abner
Publish: April 24, 2018
Publisher: Mild Red Books
ASIN: B07994YPP9
Pages: 250
Reader's Review: The Spellspeaker’s Prophecy was one book I could not put down. Once I started reading it I couldn’t stop it was honestly a very good story. The thing that got me was the chemistry of the characters they were a group not judging each other because of their differences and even though they had their challenges it was astonishing how it all came together. I was amazed that within almost a day I had read the entire thing saving 5 chapters for a few other days cause I didn’t want it to end. I never read a book like this and this is my first time reading an ebook. I usually have a physical copy. But it was a good story and I really loved it. The love story between Roz and Lukas was my favorite part of it. Where he believed in her and made her believe in herself. She was a fighter and toward the end she was just amazing. The other characters Conner and Ali gave the story pizazz I think because in some way they were all special with the powers they possessed. They weren’t just ordinary sidekicks. The theme of it was a different concept with vampires, shapeshifters, witches and magic. If you love all those things you will love this story. It was an incredible book, one I am giving five stars. I highly recommend you read this. Please be aware that this is book 2 of the Beasts of Vegas series. Thanks to Anna for creating a lovely story for us readers and thanks to Rockstar Book Tours for giving me the opportunity to introduce you to it.
5.0 rating
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Roz Carrera is a witch on the fritz. Thanks to the Coven’s rejection of her application for membership, she’s been denied a proper magical education. Without a mentor, she’s nearly useless in helping her team of vampire hunters. Complicating matters is the hulking shapeshifter she stumbles upon outside Las Vegas who may or may not be a vicious psychopath.

The only creatures shapeshifter Lukas Larsson hates more than vampires are witches. He’s in the Nevada desert to destroy the vampires who murdered his family, but the witch Roz Carrera and her ragtag team sideline him. He can’t allow the very sexy Roz to distract him from his vengeance.

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Author Details:

One of my first memories is dangling over the arm of our living room sofa telling myself a post-apocalyptic survival tale in which my mother and I were the last two people on earth. It was so fun, I never stopped telling stories. In high school, I faked being ill so I could stay home to work on a novel about a nanny who falls in love with her boss’ bad boy nephew.

As an adult I earned a college degree, got married, and had a child, but I never stopped writing. It only got more fun. I wrote through my lunch breaks at work. I wrote on the treadmill at the gym. Eventually, I had dozens of short stories, novellas, and full-length novels piling up on thumb drives and in plastic tubs.

Now, I’m ready to share my stories with you, starting with The Dark Caster Series, the Red Plague Series, and the Beasts of Vegas Series. I hope you love reading them as much as I loved writing them!

I also write LGBT short stories under the name Sadie West. All works available at Amazon, SmashWords, and Barnes and Noble.