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Author: Lynette Noni
Publish: May 1, 2018
Publisher: Kids Can Press Ltd
Format: ebook, Paperback, hardcover
ISBN: 1771389389
Pages: 320
Reader's Review: When I first got this book to review I had only a small piece of what it was about. I was not really sure if I would like it or not. But Lynette really made you wonder why the character Jane was at a government facility to begin with. Having read a little more than half I was hooked everything came into view as the story shows how everything happened and what Jane was capable of. The torture she went through was almost like she was a robot. The first few pages were like routine with Jane I have to admit but the story turns as soon as she meets Ward. The chemistry between Ward and Jane was unusual at first I didn’t quite understand just like Jane what he was really there for. It was a bit complicated, but I begun to understand why. The evaluator’s played a key role to the whole story and it was like something was amiss that you didn’t quite know about least not yet. What was kind of weird was how Lengard could be a cold and dark place, but yet a comfort. My Overall thought on this book was I really liked the story the concept was totally different. I think young readers will love reading it just as I have it has a good solid story line. I didn’t dislike anything about it cause it was an interesting read. Lynette’s writing style was perfect for Whisper she really knew how to explain the character’s thoughts and feelings. It was almost as if you were right there with Jane. Seeing how her life changed and how she never knew that the little things were something she cherished. Be sure to add this to your reading list its filled with awe, happiness, laughter and a bit of the unknown.
5.0 rating
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“Lengard is a secret government facility for extraordinary people,” they told me.

I believed them. That was my mistake.

There isn’t anyone else in the world like me.

I’m different. I’m an anomaly. I’m a monster.

For two years, six months, fourteen days, eleven hours and sixteen minutes, Subject Six-Eight-Four — ‘Jane Doe’ — has been locked away and experimented on, without uttering a single word.

As Jane’s resolve begins to crack under the influence of her new — and unexpectedly kind — evaluator, she uncovers the truth about Lengard’s mysterious ‘program’, discovering that her own secret is at the heart of a sinister plot … and one wrong move, one wrong word, could change the world.

Author Details:

Lynette Noni studied journalism and academic writing at university before completing a degree in human behavior. She lives on the Sunshine Coast in Australia and can be found baking cupcakes, singing along to animated movies, or daydreaming about being swept away to a fantasy world. Some days, she can even do all three at once — and still find the time to sneak in a nap afterwards.