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Happy 25th Birthday Dan!!!
marcie - Jul 23, 2014 Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project , Happy Birthday


I would like to wish Dan, a very happy 25th birthday. This project took over 3 weeks to complete, instead of making just one video I made two. One reflects on Dan’s career, the other our birthday project video featuring all the fans that help us put this together. I wanna thank everyone that participated in helping celebrate a man we all cherish.

To view our project go here to view the two videos and our online book.

Birthday Project 25
marcie - Feb 20, 2014 Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project

Birthday Project to start in April for SDR. Because I am working on two franchises this year: The Amazing Spiderman 2 and X-Men: Days of Futures Past that both take place in May I am gonna be completely busy so to start early is better for me. I hope you will join us.

If you didn’t join us last year, we made a fan video, a book (thanks to Daniel Radcliffe Brazil) and an online book filled with graphics made by me and contributing fans. Our video was sent to Dan, last year during his Cripple of Inishmaan run at the Noel Coward Theatre Stage door, delivered by a very good friend of mine. After having sent it in August, I received in November an autograph picture from Dan’s agency.

So this year, I will be asking for ideas and hopefully having more people participate for Dan’s 25th Birthday Project If you’re interested further details will be added at our Birthday Project group.


Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe
marcie - Jul 22, 2013 Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project

All of us at SDR, would like to wish Daniel a very happy birthday. We created an online book project as well as a video. Since we got everything done and its the 23rd in London. I am posting everything today, the people that participated agreed so here’s our project.

The birthday video:

The online book can be previewed here:

Cripple of Inishmaan and Birthday Project 24
marcie - Jul 21, 2013 Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project , Gallery Update

It’s been a big weekend for some of SDR’s most dedicated members they were kind enough to send in video and photos for us. Thank you to Michele and Debbie. Michele sent us 27 Stage door photos and Debbie sent in 1 video of Dan exiting the theatre. Both have been posted in our gallery and radcliffemedia.

On the birthday project, which has drove me a bit up the wall is coming out rather well. I showed a few close friends a rough preview and did some final touches on our online book. Everything I worked on can be previewed on Tuesday. I am hoping everything comes out well and that everyone will like it.

970624_513994082000976_203981810_n IMG_1265

Two Days till Deadline
marcie - Jul 6, 2013 Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project

Our birthday project ends in two days. We already received several entries and am almost partially done with creating all the individual graphics for it. This week for the ones that participated I will be sending them preview of what they contributed and what the final out come of everything we put together looks like. For those that participated they will receive their personalized graphics in full res and get a early preview of the final outcome once everything is completesdr.

1 week till Deadline
marcie - Jun 29, 2013 Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project

We got one week till deadline for the Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project.I made a sort of sample that will be in the actual video we are gonna do. As a reminder, each person that participates will receive their own quote and or poem with graphics designed by me. But you will only receive them after the project is done. I used mine as a sample each design is designed differently.


Birthday Project “24”
marcie - Jun 8, 2013 Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project

This year, we are partnering with Daniel Radcliffe Brasil. We will be making a collection of works such as messages, photos, fan art and various quotes and poems. You can submit the following as many times as you want. What you send in should demonstrate your love and admiration for Daniel and congratulaing him on his 24th Birthday.

The book will feature a cover and binding, when it is done we will make a video to show you how it will look. In addition we will also make another video as an introduction to the book with your favorite quotes to showcase the book.

*On your favorite quotes they can be your own or something you loved that Dan said, with a photo included whether it be yourself or just your favorite Dan photo.

Will Dan see this? Umm, you never know. We’ll try………

In addition SDR is working on another project but this is not for his birthday. Last year we had one for KYD, which we didn’t receive anything on it or at least not enough so I turned it into a thank you project which several people helped me with. Since last year, Dan had said a wonderful thank you to us on Graham Norton after displaying our fan fiction site. We’ll to say thank you back we thought to make something a little more special. A video you will be able to see sometime in September. The people selected have been very helpful and I am hoping this project is one that is a little more meaningful and appreciated. The people who helped will get a early preview in August.

Deadline for entries is July 8
Everything can be sent to me through email at mrs_mlucas@lucashq.com

DR Birthday Project featured on the Trevor Project
marcie - Jul 26, 2012 Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project

I never thought it would go this far and apparently it has. The Trevor Project has loved the video we did if not for Portal Radcliffe and the rest of us, (Glowing Radcliffe, DJR Holland, Radcliffe Brasil and DanielRadcliffe.de) and the 103 fans that helped and put up with us. We wouldn’t be were we are, to be recognized by Trevor is an honor.

One member from SDR wrote us, Teresa who was our Allen Ginsberg. She wrote an email that went straight to my heart and had me in tears. i never thought of myself as inspiring not ever. Just pushing the news to you about the man who brought us all together Daniel Radcliffe. And creating stuff for you guys as well. It’s little things like that, that you’ll never know how much it means to me. Teresa if you read this it was an honor to have you participate and we really could have not done this without you. We needed our Allen and you gave us that. Thank you so much. 🙂

Birthday Project and Gallery Rebuilt
marcie - Jul 8, 2012 Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project , Gallery Update

The Birthday project has received 5 entries so far. We need them all by Wednesday if you cannot complete yours let me know i have two on stand by. As for the gallery, it is almost done I have about 29 photos to replace. So I am gonna be replacing those.

Till then I posted several things on our facebook. Two new photos and 1 news about KYD.

Birthday Project Error
marcie - Jul 5, 2012 Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project

Apparently this is the way it goes I got it wrong so I apologize. Take a picture of yourself holding your phrase or letter. All letters have been taken so we have the following left. I made an example thanks to Iselin, for sending hers in. You can view the example here.

We still have several more phrases:

1. and took us to places
2. races
3. by your every gesture
4. is not in vain.
5. such a good example

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