New photos added

Added 49 images of which 31 have been replaced with better res. Updates added to Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, Prisoner of Azkaban, New York Film critics, NRJ radio Paris and a few others added. Also added 14 new photos from 2009 Candids, Order of the phoenix, Prisoner of Azkaban, Deathly hallows and Half blood prince premieres.

Gallery Link:
MOVIES > Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007) > Stills (31)

Gallery Link:
CANDIDS > 2009 > February 2- Dan walking in the park in New York (10)

Gallery Update

New pics

Added several new pics to the gallery some back from October 2014 from Horns on Cineplex, Potter and so much more.

Gallery Link:
MOVIES > Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001) > Stills

Gallery Link:
MAGAZINES > Cineplex

Gallery Update

Gallery Changes

Starting today things have changed, anyone that hasn’t made a donation to our gallery has been purged. From now on our main gallery will carry everything in full with the exception that you must donate to our site. There is however an option for people who don’t, a free gallery that requires no registration or donation. This gallery will feature everything from 2015 only with a limitation, no full sets, no exclusives and images are resized. Our main gallery will contain everything it always has but candids will be viewable from now on and every thing available.

If you have donated and were purged give me your username and paypal email address and I will re-add you. Our free gallery can be viewed here.

Gallery Update

Gallery notice

Ok so here’s what going on with our gallery. I will try and explain for those not technically inclined. Our gallery is on the verge of reaching its limit not on webspace, but inode limit. We are allowed 250,000. We have almost reached that, so to ensure that more pics are uploaded we have two options. 1) Buy a new server package 2) Buy a VPS which is way more expensive or 3) Find some alternate way to keep it going.

Now for the time being, I have moved all our screen captures to Flickr to save on space. But that’s a temporary measure for now and will buy us time. Once we reach the quota again that’s when I will need your help. I will have to make that decision to gather everyone to help pay for the new server. Those who don’t wish to will be deleted, its something I don’t want to do but may have to. Though its not written in stone yet. We do have our current server bill coming in July, anyone that would like to help with that can send me a message or use the donate button on the left side bar via paypal.

If anyone has some alternate options please contact me on this. I would love to hear anything you have to say.

Gallery Update

Gallery Update

Changes have been made to our gallery all Screen Captures from our gallery have been transferred to our Flickr account. To save on space on our server I have moved all them all there. So if you are ever looking for Captures from Interviews and etc. They will be there from now on.

The remaining ones on the site still have to be moved but since I have been up all night I will do the rest after I get some sleep. If you forgot where our flickr is you can go here. I ordered them all by albums or as flickr calls them sets


Gallery Update

Tom Felton Documentary

Daniel Radcliffe, joined his fellow co-stars in the Tom Felton Meets the Superfans Documentary. Down below is a new snippet you can view. I also included screen captures of Dan’s part in the documentary and some other photos from it. You can preview it all in the gallery.

Gallery Link:

Gallery Link:

Dan News - Gallery Update

Latest Gallery Updates

New candids from LA and London. With Dan being the busy person he is. He’s headed back to London, shooting for Now you see me 2 began November 4th and will continue into January 2015. Video of the airport was posted via OK Magazine.

CANDIDS > 2014 > Dan at LAX (11.5.14)

CANDIDS > 2014 > Dan in London (11.5.14)

INTERVIEWS > 2014 > The Talk (11.4.14)

Dan News - Gallery Update - Now You See Me 2

New Scans

New scans from magazines: Cinemark, HIV Plus, Jetaway Magazine, New York Moves, Universal Film, Video EZY, The London Magazine and Scotsman Weekend Life.

MAGAZINES > Jetaway Magazine

MAGAZINES > New York Moves

Gallery Update

Fan Carpet’s “Fansite of the Day” and more

We’re Fan Carpet’s Fansite of the Day. You can view the listing they made for us at The Fan Carpet

Also view As If magazine’s spread on Daniel which is now available for purchase. See a portion of the article at People.com

RADCLIFFE — Our 14 page cover story captures actor Daniel Radcliffe in a series of dynamic photographs shot by photographer, Tatijana Shoan. Radcliffe opens up about his dreams for the future, how he approaches acting, where he would be today if Harry Potter never happened and the challenges he faced getting naked on stage.

Thanks to Irina for donating 16 scans to the site from “Караван историй” (Caravan stories)

Site News - Gallery Update

New Stills

Added a bunch of new stills from What if, A Young Doctor’s Notebook season 1 and season 2 and a new poster for Horns from Poland. Plus Scans from ETC Magezine and Scifi Now Issue 98

MOVIES > The F-Word (2014) > Stills (22)

TELEVISION SHOWS > A Young Doctor’s Notebook > Season 1 > Season 1: Stills (14)

TELEVISION SHOWS > A Young Doctor’s Notebook > Season 2 > Season 2: Stills (18)

Gallery Update

Welcome Message

Welcome to Simply Daniel Radcliffe, your ultimate fan source for all things Daniel Radcliffe. Here you will find the latest news, images, videos, and much more on Dan. We are home to the largest gallery in the whole worldwide web with over 140,000 pictures including Events, Photoshoots, stage appearances and so much more.
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