New stills from Now You See Me 2
Marcie / Apr 5th, 2016

New stills have came up from Now You See Me 2 and Victor Frankenstein as well. You can see them all posted in the gallery. I found a few more photos from NYSM2 on another site to see more click here.

EDIT: Now You See Me 2 Stills updated

MoviesFrankensteinNow You See Me 2
Victor Frankenstein and more
Marcie / Mar 8th, 2016

Victor Frankenstein was just released today. So we have here captures from the movie, deleted scenes, behind the scenes and more to come later.

Victor Frankenstein on Blu-Ray Today
Marcie / Mar 8th, 2016

Victor Frankenstein is out today. In celebration of it, we were asked to do a project for the It’s Alive campaign. Thanks to Amy Duelly and Alison we have a special clip for you to see.

Watch it now Digital HD. On Blu-ray™ & DVD 3/8. #VictorFrankenstein bit.ly/VictorFrankensteinDHD

WomanHit Interview
Marcie / Dec 23rd, 2015

Daniel Radcliffe: “Actors always nice to hear when he did not recognize”

Many believed that he would never be able to move away from the image of Harry Potter. However, the actor for his work proves the opposite. WomanHit.ru questioned the star of the new role.

Bold scientist Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy) and his talented pupil Igor Strausman (Daniel Radcliffe) obsessed with the noble desire to help humanity achieve immortality through their revolutionary discovery. However, Victor had gone too far in their experiments, and his obsession has terrible consequences. Only Igor can hold another on the edge of madness and save him from his own created monsters.

Daniel, how did you work on this film?

Well. It was interesting to shoot this film, because since the “Harry Potter” I first worked on a project of this magnitude. This film is a big studio with a good budget. For some time I have not acted in such large-scale paintings, so it was great to try it. And I really enjoyed working with James McAvoy and other actors.
The shooting of the film differ from less budget projects?

The main difference in the set and cameras. When a lot of money, you can do much more panoramic shots, build stunning scenery. I have always been impressed, as they can get out artists and designers on a budget: they can transform the most ordinary space into some amazing spaces that are from different angles will have a different view. But the movie sets Eve Stewart (Production Designer picture three times nominated for “Oscar” for the film “The King’s Speech,” “Les Miserables” and “Topsy-Turvy.” – Approx. Ed.) Literally blew the brain: every detail in them was unique . When you come on its site, it is simply impossible to resist the cheers.

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FrankensteinDan NewsMovies
TFI Friday
Marcie / Dec 6th, 2015

Here’s a video clip from the show of TFI Friday and images along with it. I also added a few old pics, but they are a treasure so be sure to view them. Enjoy!

Dan NewsMoviesFrankenstein
Good Morning Britain
Marcie / Dec 3rd, 2015

Here’s a clip from Good Morning Britain and Dan raps Drake on Capital Breakfast. Added photos from Good Monring Britain and another video clip of it after the jump.

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Dan NewsMoviesFrankenstein
BBC Breakfast Showslive
Marcie / Dec 1st, 2015

Dan NewsMoviesFrankenstein
Now You See Me 2 and Victor Frankenstein
Marcie / Nov 21st, 2015

I’ve added some new stills from both Victor Frankenstein and Now You See Me 2. You can view them below and in the gallery. Also don’t forget to view the new trailer from Now You See Me 2 and behind the scenes footage thanks to Fandango. And on set footage courtesy of dan-radcliffe.co.uk

MoviesFrankensteinNow You See Me 2
Today show, Live with Kelly and Michael and SnapChat
Marcie / Nov 9th, 2015

Lots of stuff arising with Victor Frankenstein today we still have AOL Build coming up later today but for now we have the Today Show, Live with Kelly and Michael, SnapChat, Frankenstein B Roll and an Igor Interview. Pictures have been loaded into our gallery from the Today Show and Snapchat. See all videos after the jump. There’s major spoilers in the BRoll so don’t watch it if you don’t want to see spoilers.

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Dan NewsMoviesFrankenstein
First look at Frankenstein
Marcie / Nov 7th, 2015

Here’s our first look at Frankenstein from Entertainment Tonight. Also we have new candids of Dan arriving in New York for a week full of promoting for Frankenstein.

Gallery Link:
CANDIDS > 2015 > Arriving in New York (11.7.15)

Dan NewsMoviesFrankenstein
News on Victor Frankenstein
Marcie / Nov 3rd, 2015

Here’s a few tidbits of upcoming things for Victor Frankenstein: AOL Build, Graham Norton and 2 Upcoming Interviews

Get tickets to attend the taping of AOL Build with Daniel Radcliffe, James McAvoy and Paul McGuigan, 9 Nov in NYC: http://aol.it/1Rt1trS
When: Monday 9th November 2015
Where: 770 Broadway
Time: 5-6 PM

The Graham Norton Show tonight! James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe are the guest stars so it should be great fun!

Straight from #Heathrow to #SohoHotel for a chat with #DanielRadclffe about #VictorFrankenstein &… https://instagram.com/p/9nrf6ZDE80/

So? Who’s missing #HarryPotter? Send me your questions on #AskRayaDanielRadcliffe now 🙂 his new film is #VictorFrankenstein #ScoopWithRaya

MoviesFrankensteinDan News
Screen Captures from The Dogwalker
Marcie / Nov 2nd, 2015

New Screen Captures from the Dogwalker and Behind the Scenes. Also new images from UK Press Day for Victor Frankenstein

Gallery Link:
MOVIES > Trainwreck (2015) > Behind the Scenes

Gallery Link:
MOVIES > Trainwreck (2015) > The DogWalker Screen Captures

Gallery Link:
MOVIES > Frankenstein (2015) > VF Press

Halloween Contest
Marcie / Oct 31st, 2015

Many thanks to the ones that submitted our first place winner is Adair Bartley congrats I will contact you with further details on your prize. Second runner up is Amy Duelly and third Sarah Nonaka


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Site NewsMoviesFrankenstein
James discusses Igor
Marcie / Sep 28th, 2015

Daniel Radcliffe Piece by Piece
Marcie / Sep 28th, 2015

new video interview with Dan discussing Victor Frankenstein and other little tidbits

Dan NewsMoviesFrankenstein
Frankenstein: Freak or Sidekick
Marcie / Aug 25th, 2015

New video of Dan talking about being Igor and what Victor finds that he loves about him.

Thanks to Lina, we got the rest of the scans for Quien. So thank you Lina for sending that in, much appreciated thank you.

Gallery Link:
Television > MAGAZINES > Quien

Frankenstein Wallpapers and more
Marcie / Aug 20th, 2015

I worked on two new wallpapers today both from Victor Frankenstein. I also did captures of both trailers the US and the UK. I’ve added new stills from David Copperfield and My Boy Jack. On the contest post down below closing date is of course Halloween (October 31). There may be a possible cash prize for first place so you guys have lots of time to enter. Oh be sure to check out the article about Swiss Army Man on our facebook page too and both Frankenstein trailers are on our playlist.

Gallery Link:
FAN ART > Movies > Frankenstein

Gallery Link:
MOVIES > David Copperfield (1999) > Stills

Gallery Link:
MOVIES > My Boy Jack (2007) > Stills

Site NewsFrankensteinSwiss Army Man
New Victor Frankenstein Still
Marcie / Aug 17th, 2015

There’s a new Frankenstein still thanks to Dan’s google plus. Tomorrow is the debut of the trailer. Make sure to check either Dan’s google plus or 20th Century Fox’s Youtube Channel

Dan NewsMoviesFrankensteinGoogle Plus
New Frankenstein Stills
Marcie / Jul 25th, 2015

New HQ Stills from Frankenstein view stills and on set stills down below.

Gallery Link:
MOVIES > Frankenstein (2015) > Stills

Gallery Link:
MOVIES > Frankenstein (2015) > On set

Comic Con Big Update
Marcie / Jul 12th, 2015

From the afternoon things went nonstop all day. Lots of Press was done from various sources and I will list those sources down below. Its a milestone for us as we reached over 80,000 images. Big thanks to all the contributors that helped us achieve that. There was quite a lot I posted on twitter and facebook so be sure to check those as well. Down below is all the photos that came out of Comic Con. Dan also posted a few on his google plus. So be sure to check out these: Sitting with MTV, Entertainment Weekly Portrait Studio, Dan’s most exciting moment and Dan and James for Fox Movies.

Gallery Link:
PHOTO SHOOTS > Studio Shoots > 2015 > Frankenstein Portraits

Gallery Link:
EVENT APPEARANCES > Other > 2015 > SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio Channel (07.11.15)

Gallery Link:
EVENT APPEARANCES > Other > 2015 > Comic-Con International 2015 – Day 3

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Frankenstein Trailer revealed
Marcie / Jul 12th, 2015

“We shall create life out of death,” says James McAvoy in the first Victor Frankenstein trailer. The preview is packed with special effects and action, as McAvoy’s Frankenstein and Daniel Radcliffe’s Igor work together to create a monster. The trailer is incredibly entertaining and — more surprising — it’s very funny. “It’s alive!” Igor whispers at one point. “Yes, well, that’s rather obvious” responds Dr. Frankenstein.

Radcliffe, McAvoy and director Paul McGuigan then took to the stage. Radcliffe and McAvoy had great chemistry together, although McAvoy joked that it’s really a movie about him abusing Daniel Radcliffe. And what’s the point of the movie? “Just trying to build a big monster, man,” says McAvoy.

We then saw a clip from the film in which Frankenstein attempts to create life in front of his peers. After accidentally electrocuting himself and causing a bug infestation to erupt from his monster, his attempts to bring his zombie-monkey to life actually work. This is followed by a scene in which Igor looks for the creature and it attacked by it — but it seems as if there might be some scenes in between these two that were cut out.

Source: Hypable

Victor Frankenstein New Still
Marcie / Jul 3rd, 2015

victor-frankenstein still

The way James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe talk about Victor Frankenstein, it sounds less like an adaptation of Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel and more of an amalgamation of every version since then.

Radcliffe’s character, Igor, wasn’t even in the novel but emerged as a pop culture touchstone from the 1931 movie Frankenstein (in which he was named Fritz). This new film, directed by Paul McGuigan (Wicker Park, is seen through the eyes of Igor, who is the assistant to Dr. Frankenstein (James McAvoy) and also one of his experiments.

“It’s about creation, and Victor is not only creating this monster but in a sense Igor, who in the beginning of the movie is living in abject conditions and considered less than human,” Radcliffe says.

A combustible friendship forms.

“Victor’s ego means that at times he thinks he’s superior to Igor,” McAvoy says. “Their relationship is close, loving, abusive, manipulative, and it turns on a dime.”

Source: EW

Changes to the site
Marcie / Jul 2nd, 2015

Removed two sections from the site Google Chrome Themes since they no longer exist and the Fan center since I don’t have time for it. I moved all graphics to a page here and the icons into our icon archive. Questions and Answers = FAQ was added here.

Small snippet from Max Landis about Victor Frankenstein

Like with your VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN script?

ML: Yeah, FRANKENSTEIN was changed quite a bit from my original script. Most of the dialogue is from my actual script, but the order things happen and the reasons why they happen have been altered by production. Certain contextual scenes have been changed or deleted, that give other scenes context. But I thought it was beautifully made with really good acting. It’s weird to sit in the audience and watch a movie that I wrote. I’m unable to see my movies, because I just see the way they were in my head.

Source: RogueMag

Site NewsMoviesFrankenstein
New Captures of Ciara McAvoy’s Painting for Victor Frankenstein
Marcie / Jun 21st, 2015

Ciara has posted more captures of her Victor Frankenstein painting via her twitter. You can view those down below.


Victor Frankenstein Poster by Ciara McAvoy
Marcie / Jun 17th, 2015

Ciara McAvoy is designing a poster for Victor Frankenstein. She has since made a poster of James for the film though they are not related. Since she cant post the new one in its entirety she posted a capture of it on her twitter. Ciara McAvoy also has a deviantart profile where you can view the poster she made on James at ciaramcavoy.deviantart.com


Frankenstein pushed back to Thanksgiving
Marcie / Jun 11th, 2015


20th Century Fox is swapping dates with two of its fall movies. The Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain-starring The Martian is moving out of Thanksgiving and up to October 2nd and Victor Frankenstein starring James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe is stepping into the Thanksgiving date.

By making the switch, Fox takes the Frankenstein film out of October and before the Halloween holiday and puts it into the other slot. The latest version loosely based on the classic Mary Shelley novel follows the relationship between the doctor and his assistant Igor with the monster not appearing until the end of the film. This is the second time the film has been pushed. It was originally skedded for January. Enough said.

Source: Deadline

First photos from Victor Frankenstein
Marcie / Apr 24th, 2015

Victor Frankenstein is back and this time – unlike Mel Brooks’ version – it’s not pronounced “Fronkensteen”. James McAvoy is donning the scientist’s garb in the new iteration of Mary Shelley’s Gothic tale and, alongside co-star Daniel Radcliffe’s Igor, he’s arrived to meet his public in two exclusive shots from the new issue of Empire.

Victor-Frankenstein-Daniel-Radcliffe-James-McAvoy Victor-Frankenstein-James-McAvoy

McGuigan’s Victor Frankenstein was also unveiled with a sequence that showed the monster (or the corpse that will become the monster) hauled above a pit on chains and suspended between the machine’s pylons as electricity courses into it. James McAvoy looked on with maniacal glee while Daniel Radcliffe’s Igor entreated him to stop. We then saw the monster walk up to Victor and roar as he tried to placate it. Thrilling stuff.

Dan NewsMoviesFrankenstein
Frankenstein gets retitled to Victor Frankenstein
Marcie / Jun 17th, 2014

James-McAvoy Fox’s Frankenstein is now officially titled “Victor Frankenstein,” and the official synopsis has been revealed:

“James McAvoy is Victor Von Frankenstein and Daniel Radcliffe stars as Igor in a unique, never-before-seen twist on Mary Shelley’s classic 19th century novel. Told from Igor’s perspective, we see the troubled young assistant’s dark origins, his redemptive friendship with the young medical student Victor Von Frankenstein, and become eyewitnesses to the emergence of how Frankenstein became the man—and the legend—we know today.”

Directed by Paul McGuigan (Lucky Number Slevin) from a script written by Max Landis (Chronicle), Victor Frankenstein is set to be released on October 2nd, 2015.

On other news, The Cripple of Inishmaan Backstage Tour now has an extended video on the Cripple of Inishmaan Youtube page. Scans were also added from TV and Satellite Week Magazine, which you can view in our gallery.

MAGAZINES > TV & Satellite Week – 21 June 2014 (5)

Source: DailyDead/Collider

MoviesStageThe Cripple of InishmaanFrankensteinDan News
New pics and Simpsons
Marcie / Mar 6th, 2014

Down below is the new interview for Dan on the Simpsons which comes out this coming Sunday so don’t forget to watch. It airs SUNDAY, MARCH 9, ON FOX – AIRING AT A SPECIAL TIME – “Diggs” – 7:30/6:30c (7:30-8:00 PM ET/PT) Info thanks to Dan’s google plus

New pictures from the Frankenstein set can be found in the gallery there’s 27 for you to view. Enjoy!!

New Frankenstein pics from the set
Marcie / Mar 5th, 2014

More pics have surfaced via, twitter, tumblr, instagram and flickr. Here’s a few links, and you can view the rest in our gallery and our twitter.


Flickr.com | lucyfleurjohnson

Frankenstein and What’s on Stage
Marcie / Feb 26th, 2014

It’s been a rather overwhelming start of the week, but I have posted things on our facebook page, Google Plus Page and twitter. So let me sum up what’s been posted on SDR’s media pages and gallery.

Dan won best actor in a play for his role as Billy Claven in the Cripple of Inishmaan for the What’s on Stage Awards, so congrats to Dan on a job well done. Video was posted here, you can see Dan at 2 minutes in. Michael Grandage Company released a video of the set of the Cripple of Inishmaan and for all the plays they did last season. There’s more articles on our facebook page about the What’s on Stage Awards so be sure to check that out.


Today Dan was filming at Greenwich London College, I think they did about 3 scenes there. Though I am just speculating from the pictures that are out. In our gallery I posted over 90 photos for you to see. And there was also video footage from various sources down below. On March 31, Dan will be in The TimesTalks and don’t forget on March 9th the Simpsons episode for Diggs.

Video –
1 \ 2 \ 3 \ 4 \ 5\ 6

Frankenstein, Andy, Cork and Norton
Marcie / Nov 20th, 2013

New stuff for today, I finished working on a concept poster for Frankenstein. It was a bit challenging cause this was my first time drawing Dan’s hair so if it looks a bit off. I tried. There’s a new video today where Dan asked Andy Cohen what he invented? Video Introduction from Dan for the Cork Film Festival for Kill Your Darlings which is the last film that is closing with the Cork Film Festival. Cinedays Film Festival for Macedonia opened today for Kill Your Darlings. And Dan will be appearing On Graham Norton December 6 possibly to talk about the opening of Kill Your Darlings for the UK which is on December 6.

Video Introduction from Daniel Radcliffe for KILL YOUR DARLINGS
Closing Night Special Presentation
Cork Film Festival 2013

Edit – New stuff from A Young Doctor’s Notebook and Other Stories. Behind the Scenes, Episode 1 Clip and Season 2 pics.

Kill Your DarlingsFrankensteinDan NewsMovies
Frankenstein: Graphic Competition
Marcie / Nov 17th, 2013

In Preparation for Frankenstein, I was thinking of making a competition for people who make graphics. So here’s what you need to do.

Graphics can be based on fantasy or characterization.

1. make sure your graphic is either jpg or png
2. brushes, textures, stocks and text a plus to add to your graphic. Not required. But a plus.
3. Deadline – December 16th

email to: mrs_mlucas@lucashq.com

After Graphics are collected I’ll make a showcase of all submissions. Make sure your name and country is intact when you send it to me either via Facebook or email. First place will receive a posting on the site and have their work added to our Frankenstein section.

For those that are interested I put a group together with images you can use for you creations. You can join here: Frankenstein Graphic Competition


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