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Guns Akimbo Screen Captures

Added 1880 screen captures of Guns Akimbo in the gallery.


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Site fixed

Been working the past few days clearing up errors, dead links and page errors. Everything has been fixed as far as I can tell.

New stuff coming very soon. I also have a book review coming for Kill Code by Clive Fleury. I was supposed to do it before COVID but other priorities took over so hopefully I will have my review up this coming Monday.

Screen Captures of Escape from Pretoria, Guns Akimbo and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are also on the way.

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New stills and posters

We have new stills and posters from Playmobil, Beast of Burden, Imperium, Guns Akimbo and Now You See Me 2.

Films > 2020 | Guns Akimbo > Stills

Films > 2018 | Beast of Burden > Stills

Films > 2016 | Imperium > Stills

Films > 2016 | Now You See Me 2 > Cast Shoot

Films > 2019 | Playmobil: The Movie > Posters

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Guns Akimbo coming to Blu-Ray

Guns Akimbo is coming to Blu-Ray and DVD April 28. Pre-order is available on Amazon.


  • Audio Commentary with Writer-Director Jason Lei Howden
  • “Welcome to SKIZM” Featurette
  • “Nix vs. Dane Stunt Sequence Exploration” Featurette

New stills are also up in the gallery you can preview them down below.

Films > 2020 | Guns Akimbo > Stills

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Glamour: Please Don’t Ask Daniel Radcliffe What Makes Him Sexy

Dan answers Inappropriate Questions, Glamour’s column that asks all the cheeky, slightly off-kilter stuff best saved for a second (or better yet, third) date. Reader, he immediately started talking about his penis. And his love language.

Glamour: I’m going to ask you some inappropriate questions.

Daniel Radcliffe: Oh Jesus!

In Guns Akimbo, your character carries his phone around even though he’s being tracked by murderers because he wants his ex to text him back so badly. I thought that was relatable! Was that kind of desperation familiar to you?

Not, I am happy to say, in recent days. But when I was a teenager? Yeah, 100%. I’ve been with my girlfriend now for eight years, so it’s been a long time since I stressed over a text, but absolutely I was one of those people that was analyzing, “How long should I wait before I text somebody?” And then, “Is it too much to put a kiss? Is two kisses just insane? What if they don’t write any back? That means they hate you!” All that mental cycling around, I did a lot of that.

I was watching the movie and taking notes and one just says, “Oh shit! We see his penis!” Was that you, or did you use a body double?

No, that is not me. I am, uh—you know, I’m Jewish! So that will give you enough information as to why that is not my penis. It’s not actually anyone’s; it’s a prosthetic.

Did you get to pick the prosthetic penis?

Um, no. [Laughs.] It was more a case of—they had to do, I guess, a color skin match so that it would be appropriate for me. Also, I think, if I’m correct, you don’t see any balls? Because the balls of that prosthetic penis were…not good. I don’t know what it had been made for; it was not made specifically for the film, I don’t think. A lot was going wrong with the very downstairs part.

You are correct about the balls. Do you believe in astrology?

I do not, no. I’m very boring and skeptical. Which is a shame because I think I’m on the cusp of Cancer and Leo, which is a cool thing to say, because on the cusp is a…I don’t know if that sounds cool. But it doesn’t yet, none of it means anything to me, I’m afraid.

I’ve read that you’re into poetry. Who do you think is the sexiest poet?

Oh! Well! I mean, Shelley and Keats. Well, Keats wasn’t really sexy. Keats was like very, very romantic but probably not sexy. Shelley was probably quite sexy. Byron, if anything, was too sexy. They all looked like very, very handsome young men who also were incredibly talented writers. Byron is just the one that you go, “You seem like you may be a terrible human being, even if you wrote beautiful poetry.”

All too common. What is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?

Obviously, as a teenager who liked poetry, I wrote tremendous amounts of horrible teenage love poetry. I’ve done the, like, flying in when someone doesn’t know you’re gonna fly in to surprise them, when they don’t expect you to be in the country, and you just sort of arrive on the doorstep.

It’s going to open a really good dialogue about sex positivity and honesty!

Absolutely! But I feel like—in terms of love languages, or whatever that is—is one of them gestures? Because that is not my love language.

What do you think is your love language?

Isn’t one of them just telling people? And touch?

Words of affirmation?

Words of affirmation! That’s definitely very much me. And I feel like touch, those would be my two main ones.

Does that match well with your girlfriend?

I hope so! We’ve been together eight years. I hope, if not, she’d say something.

What is the most inappropriate thing a fan has ever said to you?

Well, I had a very weird one the other night. A woman the other night at the play came up to me and went, “I just want you to know that my aunt saw you in Equus. And she wants me to tell you that your chest hair is far too much for her.” And it was all really said with the sense of “I know you wanted to date my aunt who you’ve never met or heard from before, but now you can’t.”

Have you ever ghosted anyone?

Ah, yes. I think I definitely did. Not to keep going back to when I was a teenager, because apparently the more I do the more I sound like I was a really shitty teenager, but I’m sure I did that to somebody.

What happened? Why’d you do it?

Oh, because I was young and stupid and terrified of confrontation and honesty. So probably that. It wasn’t like a serious relationship relationship. But I definitely would have done that when I was like, oh God, 16 or 17? Oh man. I have learned.

Ghosted by Daniel Radcliffe! Oof. What’s the weirdest thing you do when you’re alone?

I catch myself being very stupid when I’m alone. I’ve apologized to inanimate objects in my flat before. Like, I opened the fridge once and coughed in it and didn’t cover my mouth and just said, “Oh, sorry!” to no one. I talk to myself.

I had to get permission from my editor to ask this question: Do you think Harry and Ginny ever had sex on Hogwarts property?

I don’t know! I’m now also trying to remember the ages that they are at the various points of the film, and I don’t want to get either of these fictional characters into trouble, so I’m going to pass on that one.

What’s the sexiest thing about you?

Oh, God. Please don’t ask me that. You’d have to ask my girlfriend. Um, I dunno. Oh, God. Sorry.


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ET Canada: Daniel Radcliffe Talks Career Path

Posted by marcie on March 6th, 2020Guns Akimbo , Movies
New Stills from Guns Akimbo

20 new stills from Guns Akimbo thanks to Ola for sending them in. 🙂


Posted by marcie on February 21st, 2020Guns Akimbo , Movies
First 2 clips from Guns Akimbo

Here’s the first clip from Saban Films. The second clip can be viewed after the Soundtrack Track listing.

Guns Akimbo Soundtrack News

Varese Sarabande has announced a soundtrack album for the action comedy Guns Akimbo. The album features the film’s original music composed by Enis Rotthoff  (Look Who’s BackWetlandsFour Against the BankGodless Youth). The soundtrack will be released digitally on February 28.

Posted by marcie on February 21st, 2020Guns Akimbo , Movies
Guns Akimbo Russia

Dan did a Russian Interview for VK. I posted it on our VK account, but I will also post it down below. There’s currently no english version and it is dubbed in Russian. English Version down below thanks to Daniel Radcliffe Germany. Pictures have been posted in our Guns Akimbo Group on facebook.

Pictures from the Interview are down below.

Posted by marcie on February 21st, 2020Dan News , Guns Akimbo , Movies
Guns Akimbo Poster Contest

Monsterfest is hosting a poster contest for Guns Akimbo for Australia residents. Details below.

Guns Akimbo Poster Redux

We gave you the power to choose the poster we would use for the Australian theatrical release of GUNS AKIMBO and now we’re giving you the opportunity to create a GUNS AKIMBO poster redux! That’s right we’re going to supply you with some gun-less and textless poster assets so you can have a crack at making us laugh and in turn be up for some very cool prizes!

You can decide on what Miles (Daniel Radcliffe) can be holding in his hands, a new title for the film (preferably keeping the ‘AKIMBO’ at the tail) and even a new tagline for the film to fit with your concept! You need not worry about logos, billing block or in cinemas date.

You don’t need be a Photoshop veteran to enter, you could even knock-up something in Paint. We’re looking for creativity and above all we’re looking for a laugh!

You can reply to our Facebook or Twitter post with your entry or alternatively Email it to us if you’re not on the socials!

We’ll compile our ten favourites and put them to a vote on Tuesday 25th of February via our site and socials.

The gun-less & textless poster asset to get you started is just below but for those with a little more ambition we’ve set-up a folder with downloadable assets including fonts to really tie it together!

Prizes on offer are:

– FANGORIA x MONSTER FEST 2020 VIP Pass, in your chosen city.
– Double Pass to GUNS AKIMBO on Friday February 28th, in your chosen city.

– Double Pass to GUNS AKIMBO on Friday February 28th, in your chosen city.

Entry details and conditions:
Competition closes at 11:59pm AEDT Tuesday February 25th 2020.
Open only to folks residing in Australia.
One entry per person.
Winners will be announced on this site and notified via email.
This is a game of creativity and skill.

Source: Monsterfest

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