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New Stills from Beast of Burden and Imperium
Marcie / Mar 19th, 2020

New stills from Beast of Burden and Imperium have been added to the gallery also added some from Playmobil, What if, Miracle Workers and Guns Akimbo



Gallery UpdateMoviesImperiumBeast of Burden
New stills and posters
Marcie / May 18th, 2020

We have new stills and posters from Playmobil, Beast of Burden, Imperium, Guns Akimbo and Now You See Me 2.

Films > 2020 | Guns Akimbo > Stills

Films > 2018 | Beast of Burden > Stills

Films > 2016 | Imperium > Stills

Films > 2016 | Now You See Me 2 > Cast Shoot

Films > 2019 | Playmobil: The Movie > Posters

MoviesNow You See Me 2ImperiumBeast of BurdenGuns AkimboPlaymobil
New posters from Japan
Marcie / Jun 30th, 2017

Last night I posted a few new posters from Japan from Imperium, The Woman in Black, What if, Victor Frankenstein, and Kill Your Darlings. Also found new pics for AOL Build for Swiss Army Man and Imperium. Down below is the new stuff I found for Imperium

Also thanks to our contributors our gallery is now paid up for another year and our Birthday Project will be underway as I work on putting it together so thanks to the ones that participated. We have some very special stuff to show you come July 23.

Imperium Blu-Ray
Marcie / Oct 24th, 2016

Imperium is coming November 1st and here are some features that are coming in the Blu-Ray

Special Features include:

Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Daniel Ragussis and Writer Michael German
Living Undercover – Featurette
Making Imperium
Cast and Crew Interviews: Daniel Radcliffe, Sam Trammell, Michael German
Times Talks

imperium-1 imperium-2 imperium-3 imperium-4 imperium-5 imperium-6

5 new stills from Imperium
Marcie / Oct 8th, 2016

We’ve got 5 new stills for you from Imperium. You can view these in the gallery.

Graham Norton
Marcie / Oct 1st, 2016

Got to see the new episode of Graham Norton which is always a pleasure to see there was 3 clips released on the net. Which will be posted below. They showed Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick’s movie Trolls, Dan with Swiss Army Man and Imperium which Dan also brought Manny on the show. Robbie Williams told a hilarious fan experience and sang. There was unfortunately no red chair this time. But it was funny overall. The playlist will show all 3 videos in a row.

We also have some pictures from the show.

Dan NewsMoviesSwiss Army ManImperium
Daniel Radcliffe talks life after Potter with Charlotte Green
Marcie / Sep 28th, 2016

Charlotte’s guest today is the actor who shot to fame as Harry Potter, and who’s now making waves in two of this year’s biggest blockbusters: Daniel Radcliffe. Charlotte will be asking Daniel about his favourite classical music, as well as his roles in the soon-to-be-released Imperium and Swiss Army Man.

Source classicfm.com

Dan NewsMoviesSwiss Army ManImperium
Imperium London Premiere
Marcie / Sep 24th, 2016

Empire Live premiere was yesterday and there are several videos online. There’s 6 video’s in the playlist and pictures are in the gallery.

Dan NewsMoviesSwiss Army ManImperium
Imperium London Radio
Marcie / Sep 24th, 2016

Yesterday Dan did lots of promoting for Swiss Army Man and Imperium, he went to several radio shows such as Heat, BBC Radio 2, Kiss, Heart FM and Key 103 FM. There are several videos for you to see. Those are posted below.

Key 103 FM

Heat Radio

The Chris Evans Show Breakfast show

You can listen to the whole interview here or download the mp3


Kiss FM

Dan NewsMoviesSwiss Army ManImperium
Daniel Radcliffe On Imperium, Swiss Army Man And More
Marcie / Sep 24th, 2016

When The Culture Trip spoke to Daniel Radcliffe on Facebook Live recently, the onetime Harry Potter, now 27, described his very different experiences playing, in quick succession, an FBI agent posing as a Neo-Nazi in Imperium and a corpse in Swiss Army Man.

You can view the video’s below and more from the article from Culture Trip down below. Thanks to Cas for sharing this article with us.

Source: CultureTrip

Dan NewsMoviesImperium
Imperium now available on Colony
Marcie / Sep 23rd, 2016

Imperium is now available to rent and buy in the UK on Colony https://www.wearecolony.com/imperium



Dan NewsMoviesImperium
Imperium and Swiss Army Man Press
Marcie / Sep 22nd, 2016

Posted our playlist here of recent interviews from Imperium and Swiss Army Man from Loaded, Associated Press, Her.ie, DIY Film and HeyUGuys. There’s 5 videos and they will appear one after the other.

You can also view the full interview here from Sky News

Swiss Army ManImperiumDan NewsMovies
Imperium Press Junket Part 2
Marcie / Sep 22nd, 2016

BBC Radio 1 Movies & Megastars, you cann see the full interview on BBC Iplayer. You can view a clip below.

Daniel Radcliffe prefers playing a farting corpse to doing Hollywood blockbusters you can listen to it here. Small clip below

And here’s an audio interview from BBC Radio 6 Shaun Live

Dan NewsMoviesImperium
Imperium London Press Junket
Marcie / Sep 22nd, 2016

There’s been so many things in the last few days from new articles to videos to images and we have it all posted via our facebook so I will try and put it all here. You can also view our playlist for all the latest video as well. First off AOL Build London… with a small clip of him leaving the interview on instagram.

Continue reading  »

Dan NewsMoviesSwiss Army ManImperium
Imperium UK Trailer
Marcie / Sep 19th, 2016

Imperium premieres this Friday in the UK. We are Colony has shared this trailer with us.

Imperium is a bruising, unsettling thriller which sees Harry Potter star Radcliffe take on the role of a young, idealistic FBI agent, who goes undercover to take down a radical right-wing terrorist group.

Deauville Film Festival
Marcie / Sep 10th, 2016

There’s a lot to cover on the Festival and its day 2 so i tweeted a lot of stuff yesterday for the festival and just started today adding pics for you. Video is on our playlist from his arrival at the film festival to his arrival for the tribute. I will try and put everything together in this post. You can view the full tribute to Dan below.

Pictures have been added for most of Day 1, I will post Day 2 pics later today as not everything has come in yet. So they might be posted tomorrow.

Dan NewsMoviesImperium
More Stills from Imperium
Marcie / Sep 9th, 2016

Added 10 new images from Imperium from Thailand and 1 new set photo

Five new stills from Imperium
Marcie / Aug 25th, 2016

Gallery UpdateMoviesImperium
Imperium Screen Captures
Marcie / Aug 20th, 2016

3318 screen captures have been added to the gallery for Imperium, Next I will be working on Now you See Me 2

ImperiumGallery UpdateMovies
Latest Updates
Marcie / Aug 16th, 2016

Lots of things happened yesterday with the promoting of Imperium. So here’s a quick list on that. First we got photos from Extra, not exactly sure when that is airing. Dan also appeared on SiriusXM Radio where he talked about how he chooses his roles, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and if he will join the new Potter play. He was on CBS this Morning and the Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Privacy had its last performance yesterday. A new Imperium clip arose. Swiss Army Man DVD/BluRay release date is October 4th. Two other video clips appeared you can view that here and here. And tonight he is on Charlie Rose to talk more about Imperium.

Continue reading  »

Dan NewsMoviesImperium
The View and the Telegraph
Marcie / Aug 13th, 2016

I found better video of the View you can see Dan at 17:12 and scans from the Telegraph thanks to Amanda Friedman.

Times Talks Imperium
Marcie / Aug 9th, 2016

Imperium AOL Build
Marcie / Aug 8th, 2016

Dan NewsMoviesImperium
New stills from Imperium
Marcie / Aug 5th, 2016

We got 5 new high res stills from Imperium


First Clip for Imperium
Marcie / Aug 3rd, 2016

If life were fair, it would probably include a long therapy session with Toni Collette. Daniel Radcliffe is lucky enough to receive a brief one in their new movie, “Imperium,” in which Radcliffe plays an FBI agent going undercover to stop a terrorist group from igniting a bomb. Collette is his colleague, and in this scene, exclusive to The Huffington Post, she teaches him a little life lesson via the history of Timothy McVeigh.

The movie is in select theaters and available via VOD platforms on Aug. 19.

Big thanks to Amy
Marcie / Jul 22nd, 2016

I wanna thank my best friend Amy Duelly who helped me wrap up the birthday project video. Thanks to her for her ideas and for helping me when I was lacking motivation during this heatwave we’ve been having. Also I added a few new things for you in the gallery the latest is captures from Imperium including 1 new still, shots from the View appearance which premieres August 15, and Opening Night from Privacy. Tomorrow I will be posting the birthday video so until then enjoy.

Site NewsMoviesStageImperiumPrivacy
Imperium Trailer
Marcie / Jul 5th, 2016

Here’s our first look at Imperium and its pretty impressive.

Nate Foster (Daniel Radcliffe), a young, idealistic FBI agent, goes undercover to take down a radical right-wing terrorist group. The bright up-and-coming analyst must confront the challenge of sticking to a new identity while maintaining his real principles as he navigates the dangerous underworld of white supremacy. Inspired by real events, IMPERIUM stars Daniel Radcliffe, Toni Collette, Tracy Letts, with Nestor Carbonell, Burn Gorman and Sam Trammell and will be released by Lionsgate Premiere in theaters and On Demand August 19.

Dan NewsMoviesImperium
First Poster for Imperium
Marcie / Jun 29th, 2016

In the new drama Imperium (out in theaters and on demand Aug. 19), the very busy Daniel Radcliffe plays an FBI agent who goes undercover to infiltrate a group of white supremacists building a dirty bomb.

“It was inspired by real events and co-written by Michael German, a former agent who spent years inside the neo-Nazi movement,” says the film’s director Daniel Ragussis. “Daniel Radcliffe plays Nate Foster, the agent. His greatest strengths are his intelligence and his people skills; I learned from Michael that actual undercover agents are primarily master manipulators — able to win confidences, control situations, and out-think the enemy, even when mortal danger is staring them in the face. Toni Collette plays Angela Zamparo, his case agent and supervisor. She’s spent years focusing on white supremacist terrorism and is really the only person out there that’s focused on keeping Nate alive.”

The director says — worryingly — that the more he learned about the topic, the more timely and relevant it seemed. “We’re witnessing a surge in far-right groups all across Europe; in some cases they’re nearly winning national elections,” says Ragussis. “We have a stereotype of what it means to be a white supremacist, but when I began collaborating with Michael and doing my own research, I was stunned by the depth and the extent of this movement.”

Ragussis made every effort to authentically portray the experience of going undercover, as well as the modern-day white supremacist community. “There’s a large white supremacist rally in the middle of the film that we had spent months researching and planning,” the filmmaker explains. “There were so many details that had to be captured to try to make it real and authentic. I’d read about them, seen them, watched videos of them — but to actually see it come to life by our own hands was something I’ll never forget. Someone even called the news and erroneously reported a Klan rally in their neighborhood! So to that extent, I suppose we did our job.”


MoviesImperiumDan News
First Imperium Still and What if
Marcie / Feb 5th, 2016

We got our first imperium still thanks to nihile.com. And we got a few new stills from What if from Poland, Hong Kong and Taiwan including some short article on What if from 3 Weekly Magazine. You can view more stills from What if at Yahoo HK

MoviesF WordImperium
First Photos from the set of Imperium
Marcie / Sep 21st, 2015

Today was the first day on set for Imperium. Here’s a few photos from the set.

Gallery Link:
MOVIES > Imperium (2016) > Set

credit to: @michael_a_cook, @hsmaury, ‏@meeganbarr

Dan NewsMoviesImperium

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