Posted by marcie on September 26th, 2020Site News
New Layout

New layout for October. I know we are a week away,. If the layout looks familiar its because some of the content from was donated to us. The site is no longer in service so we got the themes. Many thanks to Gemma for the name change in the graphics and a few glitches along the road.

Posted by marcie on June 13th, 2020Site News
Gallery Closed

I announced that our gallery is closed. I took it down early because no one contributed. So I am already working on a backup for it. There is two weeks left after that it is gone for good. The site will be a mess with broken links. But yeah so I will be fixing that after the backup. I won’t be adding new photos. Thanks for your understanding.

If you want to contribute to save the gallery send donations via paypal to

Posted by marcie on February 9th, 2020Fan Art , Fan Fiction , Site News
Olympic World and More

There is some new stuff that has been added to the site. We have a new writer that is writing for Olympic World, their Penname is NortonGhostWriter. The first chapter is up and you can read it here. We’ve had a few people over the years, but none ever went through writing it. This person is the first to actually write a complete chapter and is working on the second chapter.

Also we have new graphics that have been submitted by Cathy and Eddie. You can view those in the gallery.

Posted by marcie on November 24th, 2019Site News
Disney Sweepstakes

We’re going to be reviewing Disney’s: One Day at Disney and they have a sweepstakes that is to go with our post. But since it ends December 2 and our review is on December 20. We are posting the sweepstakes ahead of time. If your enjoying Disney Plus you can use your account for the sweepstakes.

DISNEY TRIP SWEEPSTAKES (Not sponsored by Rockstar Book Tours) Ends December 2, 2019.

Enter to win magical prizes with Your One Day at Disney Sweepstakes. You could win fantastic Disney prizes, including a grand prize that will spirit you away on your own magical insider experience!

Posted by marcie on September 28th, 2019Site News

Radcliffemedia and Radcliffemedia Captures have changed urls if you have these bookmarked make sure to update it. Down below is the new urls:

Posted by marcie on September 2nd, 2019Site News
Site Updates

I fixed a few small glitches in the site mostly css and image loading problems. Both are fixed and I updated most of the career pages with a couple of updates. Will post more soon.

Posted by marcie on August 5th, 2019Site News
Recent updates

I did a few updates to the site- I fixed the Dan section and took off a few pages and simplified it. I also added a small graphics project with photos of Young Dan. You can see both pages here and here. I also added a few recent videos to the Playmobil Playlist I created which is viewable in the last post. And a few new photos are in the gallery for you to view. I also have two book reviews coming real soon.

Here’s a video that is not in the Playmobil playlist from Nova 100. Videos from Mega Magazine and Magic Radio are in the playlist.


Posted by marcie on June 27th, 2019Site News
Updates on recent site changes

I’ve been cleaning up the site a bit. I redesigned the press archive to be a bit more user friendly option. No more going from page to page just drop down each year and select your article. Also there was a glitch with icon archive its been fixed sadly no more accordion style layout, but no more image glitches. I did a few color changes to certain pages to match the theme too.

Rearranged a few things and fixed missing files on some of the pages.

On the Birthday Project we haven’t gotten many submission in fact hardly any at all only two submissions were sent. It gets harder every year to do this and I cannot do this without you. In order to have a project we need people to participate. If you have any other things to add they will be welcomed.

New Wallpaper added you can find it here. The picture i used was from 2017 back when I colorized it for an icon..

Posted by marcie on February 21st, 2019Site News
Triple j Drive

Dan was on ABC’s Triple J Drive with Veronica and Lewis in Australia. He explained why he’s a terrible wingman and even worse Office Worker. Listen down below.

“I feel lucky…that I get to do the job that I get to do and I genuinely feel like I would be a terrible person to have in an office. The world has been spared that by me going into an acting career.” 

Posted by marcie on February 7th, 2019Gallery Update , Site News
Latest Updates

I’ve been working on the site and some pages have been updated. For the career section the following titles have been updated: Miracle Workers, Robot Chicken, BoJack Horseman, A Young Doctor’s Notebook, The Simpsons. and Beast of Burden. Stills, Video Links and posters have been added or updated.

A few images have also been added from Beast of Burden and December Boys in the gallery. Newest additions like Dan’s arrival at Jimmy Kimmel Playmobil (Thanks to Susanne) and Miracle Workers have been added and one new scan sent in from Elmira of Glamour Russia November 2012.

MAGAZINES >Glamour Russia

On Miracles Workers if you are not from the USA lots of videos have been posted on the TBS Website. I posted most of them on our facebook group page. Here’s one that was posted on Youtube.

See additional video’s : Made in Georgia , Lockscreen Lowdown with Dan, A Tight Fit with Dan, Miracle Workers: Making a Miracle and a small video with Jorma Taccone and Dan

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