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Daniel Radcliffe Birthday Project ♦ July 05, 2012

Apparently this is the way it goes I got it wrong so I apologize. Take a picture of yourself holding your phrase or letter. All letters have been taken so we have the following left. I made an example thanks to Iselin, for sending hers in. You can view the example here.

We still have several more phrases:

1. and took us to places
2. races
3. by your every gesture
4. is not in vain.
5. such a good example

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3 Comments to "Birthday Project Error"
  1. Zoe says:

    i’ll send mine tomorrow 🙂

  2. Iselin Marie says:

    hihi love Dan Radcliffe <3<3 😀

  3. Aty says:

    “RACES” Done ^_^

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