Celebrity's Secret by Lilly Lunar
Summary: It's fun being a celebrity. Sometimes. Daniel wants to be a normal kid. He wants to be liked because he's him and not because he's rich. And so, he hatches a plan. He enrolls in a local high school called Ridgewood High. He some makes both friends and enemies. His closest friend is Rose. They laugh and joke together. But, with a new movie to shoot, a ton of homework, and mysterious disappearances from class, Rose starts to get suspicious. Can this all work out somehow, or will Daniel loose everything?
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Chapter 1 by Lilly Lunar
Chapter 1 Daniel
"And, Cut! That's a wrap for today everyone!" says Bob. His real name is Robert, but he lets me call him Bob. I think it's cooler anyways."Great job, Daniel. See you on Monday!" I'm on the set for my latest movie: Goth Hearts. It's about two goths who learn to love each other and help them out of their goth-ish state. There is a sort of "Third wheal" friend that sort of carries things along. I'm the third wheal. My team then hurries me off to the make-up department so that they can get this stuff off of me. Yup. Guy actors also wear make-up. The workers wash the foundation off my face and I change into regular clothes, Jeans and a t-shirt. I then meet with security and my assistant Jane who's been with me since the Harry Potter films came out. Paparazzi are waiting outside, but security swerves them aside. Jane prods me into the car. "Why does this happen everyday?" I ask. "Dan, this is what happens everywhere. You're famous. I thought that you got used to this already." Jane said in a stern voice.
"Yeah." I say "I just wish that I could be normal sometimes, you know." She just nods he head and looks out into the distance. The driver takes us to my house. It's actually like a small mansion. I live alone with my two dogs. "Thanks for the ride, Jane. Keep me posted alright?" I wave goodbye as she looks down at her Blackberry. I let myself in. It's very roomy. Since I already ate dinner, I skip the dinning room and head to bed. I think of what I said today in the car. How it would be nice to be "normal" for once. I think I might like that. I think I would. I repeat the words in my head until I fall asleep
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